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  • 12 - 13 february 2020
  • excel, london

The Neuroscience of Instructional Design


The Neuroscience of Instructional Design

12 Feb 2020
Theatre 9

This seminar will explore a few key concepts and findings from neuroscientific research and how they can be applied to instructional design. This will include understanding the mechanics of memory to build learning designed to increase retention. We will also delve into the role of emotion in learning and how harnessing this can be a powerful tool to create learning that is effective and successfully initiates the desired changes in learner behaviour. Informing learning design with cognitive research will help you create courses that are memorable, intuitive and truly impactful.

  • - Understand how principles of neuro scientific research can be applied in learning design
  • - Identify and use learning techniques that enhance memory formation
  • - Effectively harness the role of emotion in learning to maximise impact
Kashish Kacheria, Instructional Designer - Cursim

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