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Blended learning for the twenties


Blended learning for the twenties

13 Feb 2020
Theatre 1

A blended approach has long been accepted as the most effective way to learn and this continues to be the case. However, as we move into a new decade where technology becomes more engrained in all aspects of our day-to-day lives, it’s imperative that we challenge the components that make up that blend.

Modern learners want self-initiated bite-sized learning, on the go, at the point of need. 94% want to learn at their own pace, and most importantly they want training that’s fun and engaging, with one third of learners being put off by uninspiring content. So, how do we incorporate the needs of the modern learner into the traditional 10-20-70 model? This talk will explore:

  • Technological solutions relevant to the modern learner and how they fit within the blended learning model
  • Spaced Repetition as the scientifically proven learning solution for future ‘on the job’ learning
  • A case study showing a proven one-third increase in knowledge retention
Tony Manwani, Director & Co-Founder - PeopleUnboxed Ltd
Jo Morgan, Director - PeopleUnboxed Ltd

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