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Employee Experience: Science, Soul and the ROI


Employee Experience: Science, Soul and the ROI

13 Feb 2020
Theatre 7

It is widely acknowledged how important excellent customer experience is to your business success and we all keep track of metrics like customer acquisition, customer tenure and customer lifetime value as key measures of success.

There is now an increasing awareness in the link between employee experience and customer experience. Yet most businesses don't place enough focus or value on delivering the best possible employee experience.

Are your people happy, engaged, informed and aligned? If you’re not focused on your Employee Experience, they will be focussing elsewhere.

Nail your Employee Experience and drive your Employee Lifetime Value (ELV) and business results.

We want to immediately help you demonstrate the tangible impact of Learning, Employee Engagement and Performance Development.

There is an inextricable link between retention rates and how passionate and engaged employees are in the mission of the business. Growth is the natural outcome of engagement.

In this seminar Learn Amp will share insights, best practice and the resulting Success Story of Ten Lifestyle Management driving their Employee Experience.

Make work life, work better.

  • Science – How Employee Experience drives Employee Lifetime Value
  • Soul – How to make your people your competitive advantage
  • ROI – Proven results from the Ten Lifestyle Management Success Story
Natalie Macaluso, Head of Community - Learn Amp
Joe Hill-Wilson, Chief Commercial Officer - Learn Amp

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