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23 - 24 April 2025 | ExCeL London

17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

T2S6 - Enterprise learning


T2S6 - Enterprise learning

Thursday 18 April 2024
Conference Theatre 2
Programme implementation , AI, data and analytics , Tools and technologies
Looking to navigate the complexities of large-scale learning technology implementation? Here we address how challenges multiply when you’re working across differing cultural and business landscapes as well as sprawling IT infrastructures. The start at localization and go well beyond it. Join us for tips on making your multi-national implementation fly.

Running successful multi-national learning technology implementations 

Managing multi-national learning technology implementation is more complex than it might seem at first view. Delivering to two countries is more than twice as complex than delivering to a single country because of the factors involved: multiple languages, cultures, practices, data sets, systems…, each needing to be tackled and then maintained. Deployments can become vastly times more complex with each additional country.

Join us to learn about the challenges of language diversity and the need for customised training approaches to suit different business models and regional needs. How do you balance the need for different content sources with the need for consistent quality? Is there a single best approach, or does the choice of a centralised, de-centralised or federated model depend on circumstances? Join us to discuss all of this and more.

  • Localization and translation: creating and maintaining content
  • Ensuring consistent training quality globally 
  • Creating a single source of reliable data from different systems
  • Comparing centralised and federated delivery
  • Ensuring support for deskless workers
Derek Bruce, CEO & Founder - Derek Bruce Associates Ltd
Anna Svitak, Learning Advisor - Shell
Becky Royle, Digital content consultant - BUPA
Ryan Steer, Group Director Digital People Solutions - BUPA

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