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23 - 24 April 2025 | ExCeL London

17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

Humanity (Dis)Connected? Using AI to Develop Great Communicators


Humanity (Dis)Connected? Using AI to Develop Great Communicators

Thursday 18 April 2024
Seminar Theatre 2

As AI continues to make L&D headlines, the lesson becomes clear: AI must be thoughtfully employed to enhance human language, intercultural, or interpersonal skills. It’s humans who understand the heart behind the words (building strong relationships), the intent behind ideas (driving groundbreaking innovation), and the culture behind behaviors (assigning meaning and context) - but will it remain so? As AI continues to deeply affect multiple sectors, discover how talent plus technology will help businesses thrive.  

In this session, Natalia Jaszczuk, Head of Product at Learnlight, will run us through:   


·        Current state of AI in Edech – biggest opportunities and predictions  

·        How communication is affected in the age of AI – and why we misinterpret both risks and benefits  

·        How Learnlight uses AI in communication skills training to build the strong, global, multicultural workforce of tomorrow that will help today’s businesses thrive   

Natalia Jaszczuk, Head of Product - Learnlight

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