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Introducing Moodle Workplace 4.4 and Learning Catalogue


Introducing Moodle Workplace 4.4 and Learning Catalogue

Wednesday 17 April 2024
Seminar Theatre 8

Moodle Workplace is a flexible and secure enterprise learning management platform that streamlines employee learning, onboarding, and compliance training.

It provides organisations with the tools they need to effectively manage their teams and streamline learning experiences:

- Designed to fit into any organisation's size, structure, and needs.

- Seamlessly integrates with any software ecosystem.

- A wide range of customisation options to create learning experiences that meet the unique needs of each team freeing up time for e-learning

- Enhanced tracking to help managers to monitor progress and identify areas where their teams need additional support.

- Automated workflows to simplify administrative tasks, saving time and cutting costs.

- Ability to support multiple learning platforms for different organisations or departments to deliver targeted content.

- Comprehensive custom reports to adapt and improve your corporate learning programs to achieve better results.

In this presentation, we will introduce Moodle Workplace 4.4 and the new Learning Catalogue that it’s bringing learning on demand to Moodle Workplace.

Ruslan Kabalin, Senior Developer - Moodle HQ

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