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17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 15

Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 15

Where is the Healthcare learning landscape today? Around 7% of all LMS implementations are in the healthcare sector. Learning technology professionals need to understand that not everyone has 24/7 fast broadband and ready access to devices to learn ‘on the fly’. The world’s healthcare needs are changing. Growing and aging populations, new and improved medications and new life extending procedures all place an increased pressure on our healthcare systems. At the same time, dramatic improvements in medical techniques and care pathways result in the need for changing medical skills and resources. L&D departments must be agile. With time and funding constraints there is also the requirement to develop new skills, knowledge and behaviours.
Yet it isn’t only the UK NHS that is feeling constraints. The healthcare sector worldwide is financially squeezed to deliver more for less. Learning technologies can help Implementing an LMS can address these concerns. Training costs are significantly reduced by replacing some of the face-toface elements for flexible, reusable and easyto-access learning content. Time savings are also made in allowing learners to choose learning that fits into their lives and working patterns. They are free to learn wherever they are, accessing learning resources via mobile technologies. Around 7% of LMS implementations are currently in the healthcare sector. Used in many ways from on-boarding and induction to compliance courses and refresher training. Also, healthcare staff shortages mean that many organisations recruit from overseas, so an integrated LMS platform can form an important part of the recruitment process with training and assessments taken remotely.
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