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B1- Best learning technologies project - UK public & non-profit sector

B1- Best learning technologies project - UK public & non-profit sector

B1- Best learning technologies project - UK public & non-profit sector


ACCA is committed to providing global study support to all who wish to study for the ACCA qualification.

Practising exam standard questions in the real exam environment is critical to students’ success. However, it’s the subsequent debriefing and marking of these answers that maximises the development of technical knowledge and application skills.

Launched in 2019, the Practice Platform provides an integrated solution that allows students to practice exam standard questions before debriefing and marking their answers.

Learning providers and their tutors can also access the platform to support their students and create their own practice exam content.

British Canoeing

British Canoeing’s current strategic plan is reviewing all coaching qualifications, alongside developing eLearning and digital resources.

Introduced in October 2019, the Coach Self-Analysis Tool and Digital Library have transformed the learning experience, to become industry leading.

The Coach Self Analysis Tool provides users with an overview of current practice, and offers considerations to support learning and development.

These considerations link to the Digital Library, which includes online materials such as academic papers, videos, podcasts and eLearning.

By June 2020 over 2,300 coaches had accessed the self-analysis tool, with over 37,070 resources viewed in the digital library.




This is a story about creating the first and most comprehensive leadership and management development eco-system across Policing in the UK (and possibility the world) which delivered behavioural change for almost 90% of attendees…

Developed by Accipio and the College of Policing, the eco-system gives up to 200,000 officers and staff working across the police service access to the “Leadership Learning” platform and App which includes a suite of over 100s eLearning modules, free workshops (2,000 places) and webinars, 360 diagnostic tools which recommend learning, content curation tools, social learning, and internationally recognised leadership and management qualifications.


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Dogs Trust & Covetrus

Covetrus enabled Dogs Trust to successfully deliver the digital transformation of their clinical function.

The big bang transformation, across the UK and Ireland saw 400 people from 24 sites skilled up and confident in their use of the new software, with 66 becoming superusers to support them.

A new pedagogy delivered learning on new and repurposed technologies, with learning designed and created to be relevant, personalised and delivered on web enabled and low-tech solutions to enable ease of use.

The expected benefits were immediate and substantial, with one being of a scale which would surprise us all.

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) required a modern Learning Management System (LMS) solution to cater for the wide range of training it delivers, including to Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service (GMFRS) with its diverse range of training delivery methods and routes to completion.  Utilising a hybrid Cornerstone/eSQEP platform solution, GMCA was able to distil complex training information to managers in a simple format, whilst retaining the detail needed for governmental auditing.  By coalescing theory and practical training on one unifying platform, greater emphasis was placed on the quality of training and an uptick in end-user satisfaction was experienced.

Kineo, Together Co and StoryTagger

Together Co is a Brighton based charity, connecting socially isolated people with volunteers to support them.

In April of 2019, Together Co began a major project to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic, changing the way they trained volunteers and provided support to lonely people.

To achieve this, they worked with Kineo, experts in digital learning and design, and StoryTagger, the user-generated mobile video learning tool, to develop an innovative new onboarding and training programme to respond to the urgent and high demand for their services in the community, delivering results and leaving a lasting positive impact on how they operate.

LearningMate Solutions UK Ltd

The Agent Portal training is an online programme, designed to train four different agency roles responsible for recruiting prospective students and Durham University staff, to use the portal. The training is delivered using an openSource, flexible, and interoperable lite LMS that enables the University to track user performance data in real-time.

The easy to learn and use training solution helped Agents across the globe to confidently use the portal and recruit students with minimal assistance, leading to a reduction in the time to create and manage applications. This has positively impacted the overall student admissions and recruitment experience.


Pseudo-pilots support air traffic controller training. It’s a highly skilled, technical role. Staff training for pseudo-pilots was developed some time ago and no longer reflected best practice.

Not in keeping with the expectations of today’s learner, it was lengthy and left trainees with skill and knowledge gaps. With demand for simulations increasing, coupled with a focus on reducing staff training costs by 20% a new blended training solution was developed, using key technology.

The new upgraded solution saved 32% on costs, improved the trainee experience, knowledge and skill level, whilst maintaining consistent high feedback scores from the customer.

Royal College of Anaesthetics

The Lifelong Learning Platform was designed to support anaesthetists in their personal and professional development at each and every stage of their career – from trainee all the way to retirement. Right from the initial concept, the platform development process involved working alongside anaesthetists to ensure that the system seamlessly supported them in the hospital environment, alongside appraisers and at critical career progression points. This user-centred approach is fundamental to how we support practising anaesthetists on our platform across three main areas of integrated functionality: e-Portfolio to record training activity, Logbook to record clinical cases and CPD for professional development activities

WBS and IndustryMasters

WBS’s Business in Practice module is an innovative learning experience for 450 students, conducted entirely online and delivered in partnership with IndustryMasters. Students worked in teams on a business simulation challenge, complemented by academic and skills training and facilitated by WBS’s in house learning platform, my.wbs, which was seamlessly integrated with the other platforms used in BiP.

BiP is designed to support WBS’s mission to ‘deliver a transformational learning experience’ and builds on the school’s capabilities as a global leader in online learning. Students reported and demonstrated that BiP achieved its learning objectives and created a unique and immersive experience.

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