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C1 - Excellence in the design of learning content - UK commercial sector

C1 - Excellence in the design of learning content - UK commercial sector

C1 - Excellence in the design of learning content - UK commercial sector


Managing Threats is an innovative, engaging and compelling learning experience which challenges frontline retail workers to respond to volatile situations and prepares them to make difficult decisions that can save lives and keep colleagues and customers safe.

The combination of high-quality live action video with the gamified solution has led to a truly immersive decision-making experience. The impressive design of this solution, built completely in house, has directly resulted in giving confidence to colleagues on the front line, dealing with the threat of aggression, violence and terrorism. This confidence has been vital in dealing with unpredictable customer behaviour during the Covid19 lockdown.

Bundle Training, DaRu Solutions and Heathrow Rail Engineering

Heathrow Rail Engineering operate and maintain two passenger transit systems - both of which use fleets of electric driverless vehicles to carry passengers across the world’s most connected airport. Safely maintaining these systems and ensuring they meet UK Railway Safety Regulations and other key industry regulations is crucial.

Following outstanding work by DaRu Solutions to identify core competency needs, Bundle Training then created a fully bespoke digital training package - using 3D models, incredibly detailed animated videos and step-by-step guides - to walk Technicians and Engineers through key maintenance procedures. As a result, technician competencies have increased 65% year on year.

Co-op and Acteon

Co-op wanted to create compliance training with impact. When it was time to refresh their ‘asbestos awareness’ learning for colleagues, they decided to do something radically different, and created an MC Hammer-style rap song and animation: “Asbestos? Don’t Touch It” was an instant hit.

This was the first safety training to be delivered across the whole Co-op group, including 3000 food stores and over 1000 Funeralcare homes. It equipped staff and successfully shifted key business metrics, evident in a massive 90% reduction in asbestos-related calls to the support helpdesk.

Asbestos? Don't Touch It

Desq & Fujitsu

In 2018 Fujitsu’s senior leaders identified that “It is crucial for Fujitsu to become more Agile if we are to succeed as an organization in this increasingly competitive market, and deliver maximum value to our customers.”

As part of this transformation Desq worked with Fujitsu’s Talent & Learning team to produce three ‘episodes’ of learning. Each episode introduced learners to different aspects of agile and presented business challenges for them to overcome.

‘Agile & Me’ has been accessed by over 125,000 individuals around the world, and is an important part of the agile transformation that is taking place at Fujitsu.

Holland & Barrett

The Qualified to Advise programme is a thought provoking, specialist and unique set of courses. Designed to enable our colleagues to provide positive experiences, impacting customer choices. A creation of bespoke learning content enabling our colleagues to advise our customers on our products safely and appropriately. The design has been made by understanding the impact from UK and international variances on learning concepts, providing an innovative approach resulting in a programme that has revolutionised the e-learning training hours from 80 to 40. The impact of which from post-completion testing has seen an increase of 15% on product knowledge retention. 

SAFER Training

SAFER Training / Virtual Marine combine safety critical training and assessment through our state of the art simulators enabling us to create simulated environments for personnel that are required to operate offshore lifeboats and trained to International Industry recognised standards (OPITO / STCW).

The use of simulation provides personnel with the opportunity to be trained and assessed using various emergency scenarios with differing weather, sea states and challenging environments which is not possible using traditional conventional learning methods.

With simulation, we push the boundaries of learning whilst maintain safety.

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