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C2 - Excellence in the design of learning content - international commercial sector

C2 - Excellence in the design of learning content - international commercial sector

C2 - Excellence in the design of learning content - international commercial sector


In an effort to address a complex performance need within the sales organization, the Lenovo Global Product Education Team conducted thorough learner and needs analyses to identify the best training approach to resolve this gap. The dynamic and engaging interactive video course, ThinkShield Customer Conversations, was developed to immerse sellers into an interactive conversation, to simulate a real-world customer conversation on one of Lenovo’s most complex product solutions. From the custom, high quality news reel to customer conversation videos and choices, this training has been found to be both fun and effective by learners and stakeholders alike.


We were contacted by SEB Group to design one of the most delicate training we have ever had to produce. Why? • The subject: The Group’s key financial management principles • The challenge: Current financial issues concerning company’s profitability and cash generation • The audience: Worldwide, newcomers across all business functions. So how to bring such complex concepts and make them accessible to non-financial and financial function? By taking them back to childhood and offering them a board game so that they learn while having fun!

Novartis and SiyonaTech 

Novartis, global healthcare company, refocused their vision with a new strategy. A core pillar of this was: Go big on data and digital. People and Organisation (P&O) the team finding talent for Novartis’ future, played a crucial role in embedding this culture within the company. But first, P&O themselves had to understand the power and value of data. SiyonaTech’s solution is an eye-grabbing journey though Data City, subverting any thoughts that data equals dull. Underneath the interactivity, playful design and animation lies an all-important structure, forming the fundamental framework employees could reuse in their work to maximise the impact of data.

OMRON Healthcare & TinQwise

OMRON Healthcare and TinQwise developed the OMRON Academy, an online learning experience platform for healthcare professionals worldwide that provides the latest information on hypertension and respiratory topics. OMRON Academy is the first LXP created by the industry, with short and interactive courses endorsed and promoted by medical societies. The academy offers 240 minutes of content about hypertension and 70 minutes of content about respiratory conditions with information about the guidelines, diagnosis and treatment strategies and follow-up requirements. All the topics include an exam to obtain a certificate that healthcare professionals need to earn their Continuing Medical Education Points.

RW3 CultureWizard

Rw3’s Global Inclusion Course provides an engaging, interactive means of educating an organization’s employees about the fundamental principles of inclusive behavior and provides tools for building a more inclusive workplace in which the maximum contribution of diverse perspectives can be realized. 

The course uses high-quality video, learning exercises, interactive scenarios and a unique, comprehensive assessment tool to explore the neurological underpinnings and workplace manifestations of unconscious bias. Through the exercise and the assessment, employees are encouraged to develop in their own journeys toward creating a more inclusive workplace. 

Sage & Sub10

At Sage, we do the right thing.

This is our overarching value, and it sits at the very heart of Sage’s Code of Conduct.

We transformed a previously dry eLearning course into an enjoyable and effective workflow embedded, emotive learning experience for 13,000 colleagues in 7 languages.

Extensive colleague interviews, culture analysis and neuroscientific research culminated in the design of five short snippets of consumable and engaging learning.

Employing a variety of mediums, interactive learning activities and learning technologies, we achieved a +63 NPS, 89% colleague satisfaction, 90% completion in 60 days and prompted measurable behavioural change through sentiment analysis.

Swiss Re and SiyonaTech (Anti Bribery and Corruption)

As a global reinsurance company, Swiss Re face the ever present risk and consequences of bribery and corruption. With increasing regulatory pressures, a refresh of their bribery eLearning was required; something standout to impact an audience of 13,000 employees, very used to mandatory training. SiyonaTech’s response is unique and fantastic: a time travel adventure. Learner’s journey on a hot air balloon across varied landscapes and visit towns such as Corruptia as they observe a central character’s questionable past, lamentable present and possible future. SiyonaTech use creative flair to provoke renewed thinking on a subject that rarely gets the 5-star treatment.

Swiss Re and SiyonaTech Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe (Insider Trading))

Swiss Re, a leading global re-insurer, needed to reimagine its mandatory training on insider trading for 13,000 employees. A fresh approach was needed to engage time poor executives who had been exposed to a great deal of lacklustre, repetitive compliance training. SiyonaTech produced an immersive, scenario-based solution evoking the glamour and shady dealings of 1920s New York. It includes rich animation, gamification, myriad bespoke visual and sound design elements, underpinned with real historical context to keep the learner engaged and delighted, whatevertheirrole. Two nuanced versions of the course caterfor each of two clearly identified audience groups.

Swiss Re and SiyonaTech (ILM Flix)

Swiss Re, one of the world’s leading re-insurers needed to reach its global workforce with an imaginative approach to records management training – a critical but traditionally unattractive proposition. In response, SiyonaTech produced an eLearning solution featuring a Netflix-style suite of highly distinctive topics, each exploring a key area of learning. From a game show to a documentary to a cartoon theme, the solution keeps the learning varied, and each individual approach complements the topic’s content. Carefully pitched humour juxtaposed with factual learning consistently and inventively subverts learner expectations of information lifecycle management. Learners don’t feel they are going through a training.

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