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F - Best use of social and collaborative learning technologies

F - Best use of social and collaborative learning technologies

F - Best use of social and collaborative learning technologies


Avon’s community of five million beauty entrepreneurs across the globe are the heart of our business, providing millions of customers worldwide with trusted, personal beauty advice and products to help them express their individuality, build confidence and self-belief.

Our founder David H. McConnell pioneered relationship marketing 134 years ago to give women the opportunity to earn and learn on their own terms. This high-touch personal approach is still alive today, enhanced with our high-tech innovative approach to beauty enabling our network of five million representatives even greater financial independence.

Our mission is clear - to be the digital social selling beauty company.

Here is the story of how we are empowering women all over the globe to do that with Fuse Universal, a social and collaborative learning platform.


Teaming up with THRIVE, DECIEM ‘the beauty world’s most exciting disruptor’ implemented a learning experience platform to create an online community that brings employees together from across the globe and empowers a self-directed, co-created, social learning culture.

It had a significant impact with both the organisation and learners resulting in:

  • 68% increase in the ability to learn at work
  • 76% increase in the ability to receive business updates
  • 64% growth year on year


Going from no learning platform whatsoever, the procurement of THRIVE LXP has driven revolutionary culture change for the Retail company and delivered impressive results.


FutureLearn’s Learning team built an effective community of practice for educators who needed to transition rapidly to emergency remote teaching during the coronavirus pandemic. Starting as an idea in early March, we then went on to launch the course just 10 days later, attracting more than 70,000 teachers from around the world. We harnessed social learning technology to help support teachers and instructors who needed to collaborate to find practical solutions during a time of significant upheaval.

Google and Plum eLearning

Software engineers (at Google and elsewhere) already know cybersecurity is important. But incentivizing them to spend time broadening their knowledge of security risks can be challenging.

Threat Model Colony is a cooperative role-playing game played in person or over videoconference in which engineers work together to learn about threats to their products. Over 570 engineering teams at Google have played since May, using the game to identify 4,770 potential real-life risks. The analogy of establishing and protecting a Mars colony proved a perfect fit for the engineering teams who create, nurture, and protect Google products and services.

Hive Learning and Babcock International

Babcock DST recognised that their team needed fast access to resources and one other’s experiences to rapidly respond to the Covid-19 crisis.

In under two weeks, Babcock DST partnered with Hive Learning to create a social and collaborative learning experience that would give their employees the tools to survive and thrive through the crisis and beyond — helping them build resilience, wellbeing, and agility.

The DSTeam Hive enabled 1,600 employees across 15 sites to come together to support and embed a cultural shift, and share ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences so together they could all go faster.

Learn Amp

In 2017, when Ten Lifestyle Group, a leading lifestyle concierge business, joined force with Learn Amp, the leading platform for personalised employee experience, there was instant synergy. Since then significant business results have been achieved across Ten’s disparate global workforce.

Ten recognised the need to find a partner to support their business model which relies on the social collaboration of their employees, partners and customers. In Learn Amp they found the perfect match. Together, they have had a significant business impact. Read about how they collaborated in, possibly, one of the hardest years ever to drive change through social interaction.

Lloyds Register and TalenTeam

The pandemic meant that Lloyd’s Register’s business model suddenly had to evolve: site-visit inspections and surveys, central to the operating model, had to be conducted remotely. And office employees found themselves working in isolation.

The L&D function rolled out content in record time, and alongside this, thousands of employees stepped up to the mark, collaborating in groups within the new social learning portal, and even running peer-to-peer live sessions in wellbeing topics like mindfulness, bereavement counselling and yoga.

The change in the operating model was a success with inspections being undertaken remotely, with remote employees supporting themselves operationally and mentally. 

National Institute for Health Research 

Important to the continuing success of the Clinical Research Network (CRN) are leaders with strong peer networks,which enable cross boundary working and strong systems understanding. The social and collaborative technologies used for the Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP) provide opportunities for learners to build networks, cross boundaries and gain greater shared understanding. Its success is measured not only by these technologies being adopted by learners to support their leadership development during the programme, but also the continued use of social and collaborative technologies in their collective leadership.

We invite you to put yourself in the shoes of an ALP participant by watching this video.

AstraZeneca and Sponge

Global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is committed to being a great place to work where everyone feels respected, supported and safe. ​​

Embedded within their corporate value, ‘We Do The Right Thing’, is a desire for employees to Speak Up throughout the organisation. ​​

​AstraZeneca and Sponge created a social learning campaign modelling a Speak Up culture in its entirety using the social channel Workplace. It achieved global participation and a striking increase in confidence to Speak Up at work.

X2O Media and FutureDJs

The FutureDJs have worked with X2O Media to develop a new synchronous learning experience that makes music education more accessible. The objective was to deliver a solution that provided a collaborative platform for students to share their passion for music and learning together in an immersive and hands-on teaching learning environment that mirrors a real-life classroom.

The Virtuoso classroom delivers a broadcast quality audio experience that enables students to learn while networking with like-minded students helped by the dedicated features of the technology including directional cameras, interactive digital whiteboard as well as hand raising, polls, chat and breakout group features.

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