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N1 - Best UK learning platform implementation

N1 - Best UK learning platform implementation

N1 - Best UK learning platform implementation

Brother UK Ltd

At Brother UK, we know that employee engagement is the secret sauce of business success, so when we reached a tipping point in 2015 (no L&D strategy or centralised HR system), we took a radical decision: to create and develop our own bespoke multi-device digital L&D platform – the Employee Engagement Toolkit – for our 174-strong workforce. Since its 2016 launch, this toolkit has been instrumental in positioning Brother as one of the UK’s best employers. We’ve transformed L&D into a sustainable, holistic and flexible learning culture that empowers individuals to develop their role/career and HR into a more efficient function.

Citizens Advice and Docebo

The Citizen's Advice learning team have implemented the Docebo learning platform to  modernise our learning offer and support our future learning strategy.

We have applied a user centred approach to this procurement and implementation project and have ensured success by keeping our learners at the heart of everything that we do.

The use of our new digital platform ensures our learning offer is both sustainable and scalable and supports our 25000+ staff and volunteers to develop themselves effectively and put their knowledge and skills into action supporting our clients and communities across England and Wales.


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EDF’s learning platform was a big barrier to their employees receiving the development they needed. To transform their digital learning experience, EDF rolled out an off-the-shelf learning platform in just a 4-week period to 12,600 employees. The L&D team went on a learning journey themselves to discover how to effectively market learning - allowing the data and facts to drive decisions. This resulted in high activation and engagement levels and supporting their mission to provide simple access to impactful learning

Essex County Council


In November 2019, Essex County Council moved from a legacy system which hosted basic e-learning and a clunky way of booking instructor led training. We implemented the Cornerstone-on-demand learning platform and bravely took many opportunities with a new off the shelf product and adopted brand new functionality. As a result, we increased our learning catalogue by 1300%, enabled social learning through the creation and sharing of playlists and we empowered all users to share external learning materials. For the first time our employees aren’t just learners, but they are curators of some of our most important content.

Joskos Solutions 

Joskos Solutions focuses on supporting schools and Multi Academy Trusts to make the most of ICT for learning. The implementation of a Learning Platform is a critical part of the strategy for all schools, especially during the recent Covid-19 crisis. In our submission Joskos shares how it worked with a Secondary School in London to move from a minimal use of their Learning Platform to supporting teachers to deliver daily online lessons in a secure, fun and meaningful way. The journey was profound for the staff and has had a lasting impact on the lives of the learners.  


In November 2019 we transformed the learning experience at Natwest Group by implementing Workday learning. Enabling our colleagues to have a similar digital experience to our customers. Our organisation is large and complex and Workday learning is at the heart of our platform ecosystem; its functionality supporting delivery of our strategic learning goals. Throughout implementation we challenged ourselves in our design approach: radically simplifying our support processes to fully adopt and maximise the benefits of the new platform. Throughout the implementation we built strong parterships with our learning community and colleagues, bringing them on the journey to implementation with us.

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