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N2 - Best international learning platform implementation

N2 - Best international learning platform implementation

N2 - Best international learning platform implementation


ADP’s learning technology stack implementation simplified eight existing learning systems into one solution, integrated with supporting systems and other ADP systems. To accomplish the implementation, ADP innovated both the back-office processing through automation and the learning experience through a cloud-based learning portal from which learners access modern learning options, including personalized learning paths. As a result, ADP realized significant cost- and time-savings, and grew the supported audience globally, expanding the active learners supported to over two million. The initiative supported ADP’s strategic goals to simplify, innovate, and grow; and its focus on incorporating digital transformation into the flow of work.

inlingua International Ltd

inlingua was founded in Switzerland in 1968 and is today one of the leading language service providers worldwide. Committed to innovation, inlingua launched the sophisticated LMS, my.inlingua, in 2019 for modern language teaching. Interactive exercises on my.lab, including an integrated speaking lab and dictionary as well as the virtual classroom with live inlingua trainers and pedagogical reports, are fully integrated on one single platform. Customized content and learning paths ensure maximum effectiveness and progressive learning. The material and tools have been designed according to the long-established and proven inlingua method, giving the competitive advantage of providing a fully-fledged inlingua experience.

International Telematic University UNINETTUNO

UNINETTUNO was created in 2005, as the result of a pioneering e-learning experience in Italy, NETTUNO Consortium, launched in 1991 and aggregating more than 40 Italian universities and 30 international universities, providing them distance learning models and services through satellite TV and Web based learning environments. UNINETTUNO developed and keeps evolving its own learning environment, based on more than 30 years of applied, multidisciplinary researches coordinated by UNINETTUNO's Rector, Prof. Maria Amata Garito, enterprise and industry partners, and UNINETTUNO research and ICT development team. UNINETTUNO is today the only online Italian university with a fully positive evaluation from the national accreditation agency, counting more than 28000 students from 168 different countries in the world.


As the largest car importer in Denmark, Semler needed an advanced solution for its training and certification program, involving over 2,500 staff members to meet its ambitious digital initiatives. By deploying LMS365, a learning management system built directly into Microsoft 365 and Teams, Semler has integrated Semler Academy directly into its IT environment.

This digital transformation has enabled the company to reduce overall time and costs spent on training and provide employees with better access to knowledge and opportunities for career advancement, ultimately translating to greater service for its customers.

MOL Group and Axonify


Consumer habits and technological developments are transforming business and consumer demand. In 2016, MOL Group realized it needed to extend its current offering to thrive in this new environment. As a way to tap into growing areas of consumer demand and take part in the reinvention of transportation, the company has opened 900+ (of a planned 1,250) Fresh Corner service stations.

But reinventing yourself doesn’t happen overnight. It takes planning and—most importantly—training.

This submission highlights MOL Group’s Retail Operations team’s efforts (pertaining to eSMILE, the company’s mobile learning platform) to support the business’ foray into the hospitality industry.


At the crossroads of technology and finance, Murex is an industry leader in software for capital markets. As part of its learning transformation strategy, Murex acquired 360 Learning and MXlearn was launched in January 2020.

How did Murex L&D position the platform at the center of its learning transformation strategy, characterized by business-owned and decentralized learning production and a consumer-driven learning marketplace? How is L&D successfully moving the needle on adoption and impact just six months after its launch? 

Santander México Academy and Netex Knowledge Factory S.A.

Santander is one of the largest banking institutions in Mexico; was chosen as "Global Bank of the Year" in 2017 by The Banker magazine. With more than 19,000 employees in Mexico, Santander's challenges in terms of product, service and compliance training were the same that most of the organisations suffer today. Santander Bank’s L&D department Academia MX implemented Netex’s learningCloud, a next-generation learning platform in a remarkable way. Started with a pilot of 150 Users, now this platform has more than 20,000 users and with a user satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5.

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