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23 - 24 April 2025 | ExCeL London

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Show guide and data scam



It is important that the entire industry is made aware of activities relating to third party companies contacting exhibitors for entries into bogus show guides. We are strongly advising all exhibitors to be vigilant against such organisations, who do not represent Learning Technologies in any way. Learning Technologies actively warns all of our exhibitors about such guides and cautions them to carefully read the small print before signing any document.

A few examples of companies that are sending out these fake show guide entry papers are:

  • Fairguide/ Construct Data Publishers*
  • Event-Fair
  • International Fairs Directory
  • Any data sales – see below

*Please also note that despite settling out of court and agreeing to stop sending out misleading forms, Fairguide/Construct Data have altered the look and format of their forms (including a new logo) and are continuing to send these to our exhibitors.

Illicit Exhibitor Guide companies are not the only threats to our exhibitors and visitors. Please be aware of phony hotel booking agencies that offer discounted accommodation, take your money and don't deliver the services they claimed. Learning Technologies' official accommodation agencies are listed on the official show websites and in the Exhibitor Zone.

If you hear from any company offering to sell show data; Learning Technologies never sell the visitor data or exhibitor lists for shows. Anyone claiming to have visitor data is fraudulent. Exhibitor data is sometime shared with key partners. To check the validity of their claim, please check for the name on the sponsors page of the Learning Technologies website or eZone or contact your account manager.

Several of the aforementioned companies regularly publicise their services to exhibitors at events, primarily in Europe. They use a misleading form, which resembles an organiser’s Free Catalogue Listing Service, inviting exhibitors to sign and return the form for an entry in an online directory. Doing so contracts the purchaser into a three-year, non-retractable agreement. Non-payment is then followed by aggressive debt collecting by Premium Recovery.

Please note that these companies have no connection with Learning Technologies or any CloserStill Media Ltd events but they deliberately target exhibitors who are about to exhibit across Europe. Please note that we do not share any data with these companies.

If you receive a form from any of the above companies, please throw it away and/or contact to check its legitimacy with Learning Technologies.

***Always check our list of official contractors in the Exhibitor Zone or contact us if you are unsure of the legitimacy of a third party.***


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