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31 January - 1 February 2018, Olympia, London

Saffron Interactive


  • 2 Gallery Court
  • 1-7 Pilgrimage St
  • London
  • SE1 4LL
  • UK
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Online Profile

The people at Saffron are passionate about using learning technologies to create change campaigns within our clients’ organisations. We're not interested in adding to the mountain of dull, mind-numbing ‘e-telling’ that often masquerades as elearning or platforms that elicit a negative emotional response from users. We don’t just want to inform but transform. We want you to achieve performance improvement that benefits both your people and your bottom line. We want your people to be inspired, to be energised, to make the right choices and most importantly, to take action. This is why we are in business.

As well as consistently producing award-winning elearning, we pioneered mobile, social and blended solutions and intuitive learning platforms. We're always exploring the possibilities offered by new technologies and methodologies to create bespoke solutions, tailor made for the organisation and personalised for the learner.

Our business is based on our belief that a love of learning is normal, that real learning should be passionate and that learning ought be fun and occur naturally. We value questions above answers…creativity above fact regurgitation…individuality above uniformity…and excellence above standardised performance. However we evolve, you can rest assured that all our learning solutions embody these principles.

Saffron is the proud recipient of a number of industry awards, including a MEDEA Award for the best Professionally Produced Media 2014 and the LPI Award for External Learning Solution of the Year 2015. 

Product Categories

Blended learning | Collaborative learning and technology | Content development and design | e-Learning strategy, technology and implementation | Gaming and simulations | Leadership development | Learning and performance | Learning content tools | Learning management infrastructure, methods and systems | Management and business skills | Performance management | Performance support systems | Training materials | Virtual classroom technology and services
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