12 - 13 february 2020,
excel, london

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    over 70 conference speakers

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    more than 8,500 visitors

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    over 200 leading learning providers

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  • more than 150 free L&D seminars

    more than 150 free L&D seminars

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T4S3 - Design methodologies

Platinum Room 4 – Track 4

Does instructional design even have a place in L&D in the future as we evolve further away from our traditional course-based roots? Does digital fundamentally change how we tackle design? As one of the world’s leading experts on learning design, there can be few people better placed than Cathy Moore to answer this and other burning questions, as she reveals the must-have tricks and tips for today’s modern learning designers. 

Jedi mind tricks for learning designers

Your client thinks training will solve their problem, but they haven't even defined the problem. Your subject matter expert wants you to present their favourite content, but you suspect it will just waste time. What can you do?

You can magically control their minds! At least, once you understand why your stakeholders think the way they do, you can subtly steer them into thinking differently.

This session will reveal the damaging beliefs that restrict our work and show some ways to turn them around. By changing how we talk to our stakeholders and to ourselves, we can create targeted training that solves problems and improves lives.

  • Stepping out of the order-taking L&D role
  • Shifting to performance consulting
  • Moving people from a view of training information presentation
  • Specific words and phrases to shift client’s attitudes
  • Lots of interaction and discussion!

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