• #LT20UK
  • 12 - 13 february 2020
  • excel, london

Towards Maturity


Towards Maturity

13 Feb 2020
Track 4 - Content

The High Performing Consumer Learner - Why Evidence Matters

How this is relevant to the event themes, audience and purpose. - High performing consumer learners are valuable - LQ / Learner maturity / Heutagogy and why the evidence matters How this outlines a challenge/problem – and describes how your work and contribution at OEB will be addressing this issue. - The problem today is that there is a huge disconnect between perceptions as to what is needed - The market is going backwards so we need to influence change How this highlights/summarises key take-aways; information which will be most useful for participants in their working environments.

  • Unique evidence
  • practical & interactive session 
  • Support to reflect and apply How this will stimulate thinking and prompt discussion and debate -
  • Without data it's just another opinion

We will explore what high performing learning cultures do to support learners and leaders to thrive How this proves an innovative approach and/or solutions.

  • Real case stories
  • Real impact support
Kenny Henderson, director - Get Up To Speed Ltd
Jane Daly, Chief Insight Officer - Towards Maturity

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