• #LT20UK
  • 12 - 13 february 2020
  • excel, london




13 Feb 2020
Track 1 - Technologies

Harnessing the power of xAPI and data for smarter learning content delivery

Smart organizations are enabling their employees to learn everywhere – not just in the classroom – and they’re using technology to do it. RedThread Research recently completed an in-depth study on how organizations are creating their learning tech ecosystems: the challenges they face, the strategies they employ, and the tech they ultimately implement.

This session will highlight:

  • Establishing the data they need to make a real difference
  • Selecting the tools and technology to support a data-driven approach
  • Capturing the right data and interpreting it in the right way
  • Personalising learning journeys and communications
  • Nudging learners to sustain engagement


Andrew Jacobs, L&D Transformation Lead - HMRC
Richard Pedley, Learning Project Manager - Fidelity International
Megan Torrance, ceo - TorranceLearning

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