London UK 2023

London UK 2023


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3-4 May 2023 | ExCeL London


T1S2 - AI and personalisation


T1S2 - AI and personalisation

04 May 2022
Conference Theatre 1
Learning engagement , AI, data, analytics and impact , Tools and technologies
The hype around artificial intelligence (AI) has been huge, now it’s waning slightly. That’s usually the sign that something has moved from novelty to application – that’s exactly what’s happened here. Just as AI is already impacting many aspects of our everyday lives, from shopping to communications, it’s important to understand how it is being applied in L&D. This session shines a spotlight on the real-world applications of AI, with a particular focus on using algorithms in the selection of content.

Faster, better targeted learning, with AI
Sue Ritchie-Campbell

Using data to adapt and improve the learning experience
Martin Peart

The days of one-size fits all training may be nearing their end. This session will focus on how artificial intelligence is underpinning a massive transformation of the learning experience, driving deep personalisation and smarter adaptive learning ­– and all the while also speeding up processes and saving everyone’s time – those in L&D, and those who are learning.

  • How AI is creating a more personal learning experience
  • Real-world examples of smarter use of content
  • How focused assessment is a time saver
  • Partnering successfully with technology suppliers
  • How personalisation leads to increased engagement
Julie Drybrough, Director - fuchsia blue Ltd
Martin Peart, Enterprise Capability Lead - GSK Consumer Healthcare
Sue Ritchie-Campbell, Associate Director, Agile and Learning Experience - MSD

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