London UK 2023

London UK 2023


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3-4 May 2023 | ExCeL London


T1S3 - Talent and technology


T1S3 - Talent and technology

04 May 2022
Conference Theatre 1
Talent and learning , Tools and technologies , Future L&D
There is fundamental shift underway in the world of workplace learning, driven by three factors: the power of technology, our growing understanding of learning, and the need for a common language to describe skills, the key differentiator for any organisation today. In this session, Dani Johnson takes us through her latest research in the key areas of talent and technology, with practical examples of application, and view of the technology choices now available.


Talent marketplaces, skills and coaching – oh my, it's a whole new world of technology!
Heather Gilmartin Adams

As the learning technology space gets more crowded, it’s also getting more fragmented. Both large platform vendors as well as smaller point solutions are finding interesting and innovative ways to solve particular problems. Three areas that have exploded in the past 18 months are coaching tech, talent marketplaces, and skills tech.

While more options means that it’s more likely to find just the right solution, it often creates more confusion and more work for L&D leaders trying to weed through it all.

In this presentation, Dani Johnson, Cofounder & Principal Analyst at RedThread Research will talk through the tech landscapes for these three areas, and help leaders make sense of all their options.

  • How the scope of coaching has changing
  • Talent market places – the new frontier for L&D
  • Why successful skills strategies depend on great tactics
  • Examples of great implementations
  • Free resources for further reading
Anthony Williams, Director - RockCentral Limited
Heather Gilmartin Adams, Senior Analyst - RedThread Research

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