12 - 13 february 2020,
excel, london


  • europe

    europe's leading L&D exhibition and conference

    the largest, best attended and most relevant exhibition and conference in the learning and development calendar
  • over 70 conference speakers

    over 70 conference speakers

    A great opportunity to listen to – and interact with – some of the leading thinkers, visionaries and practitioners in workplace learning today
  • more than 8,500 visitors

    more than 8,500 visitors

    200 free L&D seminars, 200 exhibitors, two exhibition halls packed with the latest learning technologies, innovation and best practice and Europe's leading L&D conference
  • over 200 leading learning providers

    over 200 leading learning providers

    All the leading suppliers, all the technologies, all the inspiration your business needs to thrive in today's changing learning environment
  • more than 200 free L&D seminars

    more than 200 free L&D seminars

    A wealth of content and wisdom across ten seminar theatres on the two exhibition floors. No booking, no payment, no excuse to miss them!



Effective, measurable learning from Wranx

Demo Zone
Wranx is a learning delivery platform that facilitates continuous training and development via any device, and only takes as little as two to three minutes a day to complete. The platform leverages a scientifically proven interval learning technique known as Spaced Repetition. This technology, combined with deep dive reporting, gamification, assessments and content conversion, ensures that Wranx provides a unique approach to learning and means that your e-learning initiatives need no longer be confined to the classroom. This demo will explore: ? How to support the learners’ unique capacity with Personalised Spaced Repetition training, taking only 2–3 minutes a day. ? How you can address common engagement challenges with gamification. ? How Wranx allows you to monitor team and individual progress with real-time intuitive dashboards and performance analytics. ? How our platform can host supplementary training materials to create a one-stop shop. ? And finally, discover each employee’s confidence and competence levels with a digital Certainty Based Marking assessment

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