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Presentations to the judging panel

Presentations to the judging panel

Who is on the judging panel?

You will be presenting to a panel of up to 3 judges, one of which will be the category chair. 

All judges will already be familiar with your written submission so there's no need to repeat large parts of it.

How long have we got to present?

You have 25 minutes in which to make your presentation with an additional 10 minutes for questions.

There will be 5 minutes of 'set up and take down time' either side of the presentation but it is advisable to ensure you are more or less ready to present as soon as possible.

Who can attend?

You can bring as many presenters as you feel is necessary but do bear in mind that you only have 25 minutes to make your presentation. 

The judges are always interested in the views, experiences and opinions of learners or users. If your submission involves clients, partners or other organisations it may be useful for them to attend if possible.

What to include?

Please review the category criteria and consider your presentation against these benchmarks.  The judges will already be familiar with your written submission so there is no need to reproduce it - this is your chance to enhance what you wrote.

While some corporate history may be required, remember to keep the focus on your project or product.  In some categories the application is less important than facts and figures.

Think about the feedback you have gathered, both qualitative and quantitative, and how this reflects against the criteria.  Do bear in mind, especially if you are a supplier, that supporting evidence from learners can be much more persuasive if your client is able to attend.

What equipment will we need to supply?

All those attending the session will need:

  • The session log in details (we will supply these)
  • A laptop or device with internet
  • A landline, mobile or cellphone for the audio, which will be via dial in (we will supply country and area codes and a PIN). You can also use VOIP within Adobe Connect, but this can be challenging, so we recommend you use a landline if possible. VOIP can be accessed by clicking on the ‘handset’ icon at the top of the screen when entering the session.
  • A quiet room with as little background noise as possible.


Please refer to to the additional technical guidance for further details about browsers, slides, etc.

When are the presentations being held?

The presentations will be held in late September/early October 2020. We will supply the date on which your category is being judges, together with the available time slots for you to book when we confirm the results of the shortlist. All time slots are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Be aware that there will be over 180 back to back presentations taking place so it is essential everything runs to time. If you are late, then it is very unlikely your slot can be rescheduled.

The date of your presentation is fixed and not negotiable so you should try to ensure that you, and any clients/partners who are required, are available.  If you have more than one entry shortlisted then please note it is very likely that your presentations will be on different dates. This is due to judge availability, the size of the shortlist and the large number of presentations taking place.


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