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10 localisation problems to overcome


10 localisation problems to overcome

12 Feb 2020
Theatre 11

Many companies underestimate the difficulties that exist for efficiently producing high quality e-learning content for global markets. Often the cost and pain of overcoming these barriers is only felt after the content has already been authored in one language for a single market.

CBTL GmbH is a German company that specialise in platform solutions and services to overcome the barriers to producing content that can be used to support worldwide staff, brands, products and services.

Come along to hear more about the solutions CBTL have created for problems such as:

• Central management of internal and agency content production.
• Cost effective translation processes for content updates.
• Enabling localised quality assurance and revisions to single source content.
• Cascading of content updates across versions and localisations.
• Etc.

Learning outcomes:

  • Awareness of localisation problems.
  • Understanding how to reduce production time and costs.
  • Choosing the right solutions and platforms.
Simon Shaw, UK Development Manager - CBTL GmbH

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