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  • 10 - 11 February 2021
  • ExCeL London

The most useful data in the world. Probably.


The most useful data in the world. Probably.

13 Feb 2020
Theatre 6

This seminar is all about how L&D can become indispensable partners in team performance.


Teams are crucial for organisations to succeed. They are THE unit where people come together and get things done, and yet they have been consistently under-served by complex, pricey and often aggregated tools. Built on 25 years in the learning field, Squadify is focused on giving teams the data that matters most and makes the most sense.


Squadify presents L&D with three exciting opportunities to deliver new value to their organisations.  First, learning professionals can focus their solutions accurately on areas that build high performance. Secondly, teams will be motivated to learn together to improve performance. Finally, content can be curated to meet the specific needs of teams which will drive use of learning platforms and pre-existing content.


Don’t miss this talk on the exciting opportunity to become an indispensable partner to teams in your organisation!

  • What we learnt from 20 years of debriefing complicated survey tools
  • How teams work and what they really want - some surprising truths!
  • How the learning professional can provide a much-needed step change for their teams and organisations
Pia Lee, CEO - Squadify
Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer - Squadify

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