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What can L&D learn from marketing?


What can L&D learn from marketing?

12 Feb 2020
Theatre 4

Modern employees expect a higher standard of learning resources that are available on demand, flexible and interactive. While many organisations are adjusting to the employee taking control of their learning preferences, others have already started to make the transition to a 'pull' from learners rather than 'push' from the L&D team. There are lessons to be learnt from disciplines outside of the traditional HR & L&D sphere, particularly from marketing re-targeting methods and communications models which can ensure our learners access the right learning content at the right time.

  • Understand the value of standards set in consumer media/entertainment to fulfil a specific need.
  • Explore how to apply marketing and communication disciplines that will give measurable impact and results
  • Understand which learning design trends are powerful tools, and which are not.
  • Learn what FUBI is and why you need it!
Liz Smith, Lead Solutions Designer - Kineo
John Williams, marketing director - City & Guilds Group / Kineo

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