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17-18 April 2024 | ExCeL London


17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

Driving engagement with learning, skills and CPD


Driving engagement with learning, skills and CPD

Wednesday 3 May 2023
Seminar Theatre 4
AI, data, analytics and impact , Tools and technologies

For people to fully engage with learning, they need to feel they’re gaining the skills to perform their roles and that ongoing development is supporting long-term career aspirations.

This session will explore how you can use a mix of initiatives and strategies to drive engagement with learning, skills and continuing professional development (CPD), and how decentralising L&D can enhance knowledge creation and sharing.

Discover how you can provide the real-time skills and knowledge people need, and the importance of enabling people to plan, record and reflect on their development.

Join us to learn:

  • How to get maximum value from your learning initiatives
  • What learning strategies drive engagement
  • What technologies drive engagement
  • How to make learning, skills and CPD scalable and measurable.
Alex Mackman, Divisional Product Director - Civica

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