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23 - 24 April 2025 | ExCeL London

17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

T5S5 - Data and analytics


T5S5 - Data and analytics

Thursday 18 April 2024
Conference Theatre 5
AI, data and analytics , Professional development , Tools and technologies
Understanding data and analytics is now a crucial skill for the modern L&D professional. For those seeking to integrate data-supported insights into their learning initiatives it will examine overcoming biases in data interpretation, utilising effective assessment tools, and showing the real-world impact of learning on behaviour.

Data literacy - the essential skill for L&D today

The value of L&D is not about great learning experiences at work. It is about enabling the workforce to do their job well. How do we know we’re delivering that value? Through data, of course! That’s what speaker Zsolt Olah used to believe. Not anymore. It turns out data is not enough. Data is like a language. You can talk a lot and still say nothing relevant. To stay relevant, even with AI, we need the fundamentals of speaking the language of impact. We need data literacy.

Talking points/takeaways:

  • Mindshift: thinking of data as the language of impact
  • Making data work for you using the 4C’s (curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and culture)
  • Interaction: improving your learning dashboard
  • Reflection: avoiding five common mistakes in learning analytics
  • Application: building a hands-on “gameboard” approach for learning data literacy for you team
Laura Overton, Analyst - Explorer - Writer - Facilitator - Learning Changemakers
Zsolt Olah, Sr. HR Data Measurement Analyst - Intel

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