12 - 13 february 2020,
excel, london


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    over 70 conference speakers

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  • more than 200 free L&D seminars

    more than 200 free L&D seminars

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Learning and the mind - T3S3

Track 3

If you know how you do something, you can be better at it. And that applies to learning itself. That's why we call it meta learning.

Why is everyone talking about meta learning? What is it and why is it the secret glue for business transformation? Reducing the time from learning to competence, increasing compliance, improving business communication and performance all rely on your great learning strategies and training programmes. But they also need your audience to use all the available resources effectively.

We’re discovering more about the science of learning all the time but how do you capture it and turn it into something practical people can use to get their new knowledge, behaviour or skills to stick?
In this session you’ll unpick:

  • What is meta learning?
  • Why it is vital to business transformation
  • Skills, habits, knowledge - why what you’re learning affects how you learn
  • Other sticky tips from the science of learning
Teresa Rose, Founder and Lead Consultant - CounsultHer
Stella Collins, Creative director - Stellar Learning

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