• Wed 17 Nov 2021
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A1 - Best learning technologies project - UK commercial sector

Desq & Fujitsu

In 2018 Fujitsu’s senior leaders identified that “It is crucial for Fujitsu to become more Agile if we are to succeed as an organization in this increasingly competitive market, and deliver maximum value to our customers.”

As part of this transformation Desq worked with Fujitsu’s Talent & Learning team to produce three ‘episodes’ of learning. Each episode introduced learners to different aspects of agile and presented business challenges for them to overcome.

‘Agile & Me’ has been accessed by over 125,000 individuals around the world, and is an important part of the agile transformation that is taking place at Fujitsu.

Evans Cycles 

Coming soon.

Sage & Sub10

At Sage, we do the right thing.

This is our overarching value, and it sits at the very heart of Sage’s Code of Conduct.

We transformed a previously dry eLearning course into an enjoyable and effective workflow embedded, emotive learning experience for 13,000 colleagues in 6 languages.

Throughout five short snippets of consumable learning, we collected reflective learning moments, generating over 7.5 million lines of insightful behavioural change data.

Employing a variety of mediums, interactive learning activities and learning technologies, we achieved a +63 NPS, 89% colleague satisfaction, 90% completion in 60 days and prompted measurable behavioural change through sentiment analysis.

Spirax Sarco and Talking Talent

Spirax-Sarco Engineering (Spirax Sarco) partnered with Talking Talent in early 2020 to enhance their support for working parents and carers across the UK, with a particular focus on providing an inclusive offering for both mothers and fathers, as well as providing advice and training to managers of first-time parents.

Spirax Sarco runs many inclusion programmes but wanted to offer quick, easily accessible, confidential, and high quality third party support.

Utilising Talking Talent Online’s digital coaching, Spirax Sarco enabled immediate, 24-hour access to 1:1 advice from world-class coaches specialising in the issues most challenging to working parents, carers and managers.

VIC - your Virtual Interactive Coach

It was a tough ask. The FTSE100 wanted to…

  • Empower executives to drive their own development and productivity
  • Future proof people development for the V.U.C.A. world
  • Clarify and communicate its culture globally


All in time for its 25th anniversary just weeks away!

Despite numerous challenges we succeeded by applying the new concept of “Emulated-Coaching”. Customizing the “VIC” platform to provide advanced upskilling, AI driven coaching and a portal that defined their culture. The ground-breaking solution was rated as 10/10 for usability and importance in delivering business goals. VIC has already been expanded with new corporate features and global best practice.

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