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A2 - Best learning technologies project - international commercial sector

A2 - Best learning technologies project - international commercial sector

A2 - Best learning technologies project - international commercial sector

5App, Greystar and Hemsley Fraser

Here at Greystar, in just six months, we’ve transformed L&D across our European business and embedded a values-based learning culture that has reversed spiralling employee engagement and attrition.

Our L&D team, alongside content and digital UX experts at Hemsley Fraser and 5App, have created a holistic, powerful learning and engagement platform ─ the Greystar Business School.

The Business School has transformed the way employees learn, communicate and collaborate across the business, resulting in a 24% improvement in performance and productivity, a 90% increase in understanding of our goals/objectives and a 35% reduction in the likelihood of employees to leave Greystar.

Bright Alley and KLM

Imagine: you’re on a platform with a trunk full of suitcases. The plane leaves in 6 minutes and only you can make sure the passengers won’t land without their luggage. Would you turn around, disappoint your team and customers? Or would you give it your all?

To prevent incidents, we broke with the traditional way of safety training and created a ‘Safe & Smooth’ movement. In a ‘Tinder’-like app we equipped KLM Ground Services to handle real-life dilemmas from the ‘grey area’ between safety and efficiency, sharpened their internal compass and gave them security and ownership over their individual choices.

Squadify and Merck

This is the story of how Squadify enabled the cultural and performance transformation of the Merck Healthcare ANZ business.

The arrival of a new MD at Merck in September 2018 kicked off a program of change, first for the leadership team and then throughout the business. Together, they set a new inspiring purpose, vision and strategy for the business, defined dramatically different collaborative behaviour expectations for teams, and delivered growth well above forecast as well as improved engagement and participation throughout the organisation.

Squadify enabled teams to track performance and target problem areas to continually evolve and drive up performance.

MOL Group and Axonify

New consumer habits and technological developments are transforming business and consumer demand. In 2016, MOL Group realized it needed to extend its current offering to thrive in this new environment. As a way to tap into growing areas of consumer demand and take part in the reinvention of transportation, the company has opened 900+ (of a planned 1,250) Fresh Corner service stations.

But transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes planning and—perhaps most importantly—training.

This submission highlights the work MOL Group’s Retail Operations team is doing to modernizing learning to support the business’ foray into the hospitality industry.

Origin Learning and Cognitive Scale

CognitiveScale provides industry-optimized enterprise-grade AI products and solutions. Product updates are continuous, and sales and adoption depend heavily on product evangelization and training. Operating in the complex domain of artificial intelligence, CognitiveScale’s challenge was to transform its classroom training into online training - to achieve scale and improve reach. This required designing the curriculum and user experience, creating digital content and virtual practice sessions, and deploying a learning platform. Typically, changing to an online training paradigm requires a minimum of 1-2 years of planning and implementation. With Origin as a solutions partner, CognitiveScale achieved this in five months.

RMMBR and FrieslandCampina

Our client FrieslandCampina needed to improve commercial execution fast. So RMMBR rapidly expanded the successful learning app we developed earlier for them, creating the ACE (Agile Commercial Execution) Academy. The goal: help drive performance by uplifting capabilities.

Easy to use and manage, ACE Academy provides an excellent digital infrastructure and content, with a multitude of tools and functionalities designed to foster a learning environment and behavioural change. Download and use targets have been surpassed and user ratings are excellent. Now, other departments are asking for the same app to be deployed and customised for their own programmes.

Siemens & Learnlight

Siemens is a global powerhouse with around 377,000 employees in more than 200 countries. The Siemens name is synonymous with “worldwide presence” and communication skills are key for Siemens to globally co-create best-in-class solutions for customers. Siemens prides itself on always being ahead of the latest trends; this is also the case when it comes to learning, where Siemens is at the cutting-edge of the latest thinking. Siemens’ partnership with Learnlight has allowed it to implement a revolutionary blended approach to language training, achieving outstanding results.

Swiss Re and SiyonaTech 

Swiss Re, one of the world’s leading re-insurers needed to reimagine its mandatory training on insider trading for 13,000 employees. Time poor executives who felt they’d seen it all and knew it all were jaded by lacklustre, repetitive training. SiyonaTech produced a immersive scenario-based solution based on the glamour and shady dealings of 1920s New York. It includes rich animation, gamification, myriad bespoke visual and sound design elements, underpinned with real historical context to keep the learner engaged and delighted, whatever their role. Two nuanced versions of the course cater for each of two clearly identified audience groups.


nor & Deloitte Belgium

The Telenor Group is one of the world’s largest network operators, boasting more than 175 million subscribers spread throughout the Nordic countries as well as in Southern and Eastern Asia. With operations throughout such a large area, creating Group-wide learning and development programmes can be challenging for Telenor.

Deloitte assisted in creating an online learning platform consisting of a range of online modules focusing on leadership enabling agility, supplemented by physical learning camps, users experimenting in their daily routines, and forming learning crews. Using a Totara platform, Deloitte Norway and Deloitte Belgium cooperated in delivering a scalable leadership development programme for 800 senior/middle managers. Being highly satisfied with the functionality and content of the platform, the client eventually expanded the scope to include more than 5,000 leaders across Telenor.

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