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D - Excellence in the design of learning content - public & non-profit sector

D - Excellence in the design of learning content - public & non-profit sector

D - Excellence in the design of learning content - public & non-profit sector

Best Practice Network 

The School Suite free access course is made up of two modules, Pedagogy and Practice and Understanding SEND, each with 6 hours of content.

The Pedagogy and Practice module was developed for new and early career teachers and aligned to the ECF and the Teacher Standards to increase understanding of the way children learn. Informed by the science of learning, the course design models effective pedagogy in its structure.

The Understanding SEND module addresses the lack of understanding of the impact of SEN on learning and is aligned to the SEND Code of Practice.

School closures and the response to COVID-19 reduced teacher access to essential professional development activities. Best Practice Network identified these modules to meet the greatest area of need and made them freely available to the schools’ sector.

The Business School (formerly Cass)

As a small but highly ranked business school, we at The Business School knew that launching a graduate course be a difficult task, especially as we would be relying entirely on our own staff.  

Yet we felt that this was a critical step to take. By offering online courses we could expand the brand and market share into new markets and audiences, despite our seemingly insurmountable limitations in physical space. Further, offering online courses could give us opportunities to demonstrate innovation in practice.

Emerald Works and IB

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) is a highly attractive global schools programme for students aged 3-12, but its academically vigorous approach to education can present a challenge to educators new to  the PYP. Emerald Works was commissioned to create four 15-minute digital ‘Nanos’, in four languages, as highly interactive bite-sized professional learning that teachers can use to discover IB PYP concepts and put them into practice in their classrooms.


Recycle for Greater Manchester as the public recycling brand for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority works in partnership with the nine district councils across Greater Manchester with the aim of ensuring that across the city region as much waste as possible is reduced, recycled or used for energy recovery. An innovative and interactive e-learning platform was designed to inform, inspire and encourage bin crews, council and public organisation staff to help the 2.8 million residents of Greater Manchester to recycle more and recycle right.

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service

The ‘Fire Response’ curriculum, designed by Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service, revolutionised knowledge-based training within the organisation and has set a benchmark for online training within the Fire & Rescue sector.  Since launching in October 2019, ‘Fire Response’ modules have been completed over 72,000 times, with 3000 feedback responses gathered from over 400 individual learners.

The Fire Response design is modern, interactive, user-centred and provides the highest quality training materials to help maintain the skills and knowledge needed for our firefighters to save lives.


The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award (iDEA) is an international programme that helps people of all ages and backgrounds develop digital, enterprise and employability skills. The iDEA platform provides free digital skills education in the form of bite-size modules called "badges" that can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. When learners complete badges on iDEA, they earn points towards industry-recognised awards that enhance their CV and help them stand out from the crowd. iDEA badges help learners discover and develop new digital skills, inspire new interests and passions and empower them to take control of their future.

Network Rail 

Work cannot be carried out on or near the railway without a Controller of Site Safety (COSS) assessing risk so it’s essential they have the skills, knowledge and behaviours to perform their role safely.

The new design of our Controller of Site Safety (COSS) training has enabled us to introduce new immersive technology and create a more immersive, accessible and enjoyable experience for learners.

Each VR scenario was carefully designed to allow learners to experience real-life railway scenarios multiple times to embed safety critical skills and behaviours so mistakes do not occur in real life. 

QuaRijn & TinQwise

QuaRijn and TinQwise developed REIN World of Care Academy: a blended learning solution that empowers Dutch geriatric care providers to keep learning and give priority to people-oriented care.

Care providers are doers and have a shared passion for the senior citizens they are caring for. That's why we designed the character of Rein and his world. It’s a way of learning that suits the target group because it makes them curious and motivates them. Rein shows how bringing back personal attention and learning brightens up the life not just of the client but also that of the care provider. 



RMMBR is closing the knowledge gap in the Netherlands (and Belgium) about AI’s impact through a free, easy-to-understand and interactive online course for all.

This course has been hugely successful, thanks to excellent and relevant multimedia content (videos, expert interviews, animations and more), supported by smart ‘first time right’ technology. Content was also tailored for three additional versions (junior, English and Flemish). The course has now reached 1% of Dutch citizens, and of 171,285 Dutch visitors, 40% completed all five hours of content.

The course has been widely recognised in the media, without paid advertising or endorsements.

Save the Children UK

The FIELD Programme sets out to respond to a gap in comprehensive, accessible training resources for local mid-level humanitarian field managers who are often the first to respond to crises, but the last to obtain adequate training.

The principal objective is to equip mid-level field managers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver quality, equitable aid in line with humanitarian standards.

Our dynamic and collaborative design has led to meeting our project objectives and big picture aims as the programme is generating a lot of attention in the humanitarian community

The Commonwealth Education Trust

The Commonwealth Education Trust is a long-established, leading institution for the promotion of educational resources in lower income Commonwealth countries. Today, its modern online platform reaches out to teachers in the most remote areas across the world and provides bite-size, digital learning courses contextualized for their underserved communities. By partnering with governments and educational organizations, we support the implementation of programs on a national level effectively advancing the United Nations SDG4. We believe teachers are the most impactful resource in classrooms and our Teach2030 programme empowers and upskills them through a low-cost, long-term approach to systemic change in their classrooms.

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