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G - Best technology-based onboarding programme

G - Best technology-based onboarding programme

G - Best technology-based onboarding programme

aNewSpring & HBtraining

Hamilton Bright Training designed an onboarding programme for HBBA’s brand activation employees. This is a typical ‘Gen Z’ target audience, most students, that have to be onboarded to HBBA and prepared for their jobs at brand activation campaigns in retail. HBTraining took a very empathic approach creating a mobile first onboarding solution with deep insights and respect for their target ‘Gen Z’ audience. This combined with a business savvy approach to create a flexible and effective onboarding programme leading to a short and manageable time to competence. A smart combination leading to an commendable technology-based onboarding programme.

Emerald Works and Golden Charter

Golden Charter is a funeral planning service, with 230 staff and a network of almost 3,000 funeral directors. Given the scale of its operation, the business knew it needed to digitise elements of its employee onboarding programme. Using the action mapping technique, Emerald Works created three short outcomes-focussed modules to help new starts understand the industry and Golden Charter’s way of doing business. ‘Death’ can be a difficult subject, so illustrations and animations were used to challenge the perceptions learners may have about the funeral profession. The results were so encouraging that the modules were rolled out across the business.


The Monitoring Performance Training (MPT) program is a comprehensive, 17-week performance-linked, blended learning onboarding program for Clinical Research Associates at IQVIA, a leading, global integrated information and technology-enabled healthcare service provider. The program is designed to onboard Clinical Research Associates with zero lead time and can be customized to an individual learner or a cohort through different learning pathways regardless of their location or cohort size. The new program has reduced time to productivity by 46%.

Make Real with CITB and BAM Nuttall

After the commissioned report highlighted the need to improve the onboarding process and materials across construction, CITB selected the Make Real and BAM Nuttall partnership to create a suite of enhanced, immersive learning experiences to validate use cases for immersive technology deployment. The key aims were to improve awareness and perception of the construction industry amongst young people, as well as the training profile within the wider network of organisations. The success criteria focused on promotion of active-learning and accountability, provided via a modernised, modular programme that can be easily replicated and rolled-out across multiple sites, at a greater scale.

MetLife and NIIT

New hire onboarding constitutes a big part of the work of the MetLife Distribution Academy. The Virtual Induction Experience provides a learning and performance support roadmap targeted at accelerating time to competence and productivity of new Sales Associates, especially those without any prior experience of insurance sales. It leverages gamification, social collaboration and virtual tours to provide an immersive on-boarding experience. Distribution Advantage Platform (DAP) 3.0 has also been upgraded with the autonomous drive functionality where requisite videos and scripts which model best practice are pushed automatically to sales associates in order to build sales capability.


Sana Labs

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Veeam Software Group GmbH

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