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L1 - Best use of blended learning - UK commercial sector

L1 - Best use of blended learning - UK commercial sector

L1 - Best use of blended learning - UK commercial sector

Boots and Acteon

Pharmacy Support Colleagues are at the heart of Boots’ service and reputation. They undergo extensive training to qualify with the specialist skills required to respond to customer needs for pharmacy products.

To support this essential role, Boots created an innovative and engaging blended learning programme. The Pharmacy Support Colleague Portal has streamlined training delivery, enhanced response to regulatory change and reduced costs.

An innovative blend of rich e-learning, a huge range of workplace activities, plus rigorous assessment, the Portal supports 3,500 trainees and 2,000 tutors. Moving to digital learning has increased the qualification rate and helped Boots respond to Covid-19.


  • Econsultancy is the home of Modern Marketing Excellence and Dyson has a reputation for creating innovative, cutting edge solutions to age old problems.
  • The Dyson commercial learning lab has been a defining programme in our company’s history. It successfully integrated our world leading content platform with our award winning instructor led training into a simple UX for Dyson’s global Marketing & Commercial teams.
  • The key insight is that learners want resources that are easy to find, easy to use and easy to apply – which we ruthlessly applied to create a blended programme that combined the pace and cost effectiveness of ‘ready-to-go assets alongside customised content.
  • The programme has generated over 28k visits and 86% of all participants rated the instructor led bootcamps as very good or excellent.
  • Now in it’s third year, it’s success has driven both Dyson’s business as well as our own – new blended client hubs have been launched for Bacardi, Biogen, UPS, Sky, TUI and many more.

Make Real with CITB and BAM Nuttall

After the commissioned report highlighted the need to improve the onboarding process and materials across construction, CITB selected the Make Real and BAM Nuttall partnership to create a suite of enhanced, immersive learning experiences to validate use cases for immersive technology deployment. The key aims were to improve awareness and perception of the construction industry amongst young people, as well as the training profile within the wider network of organisations. The success criteria focused on promotion of active-learning and accountability, provided via a modernised, modular programme that can be easily replicated and rolled-out across multiple sites, at a greater scale.

Morgan Advanced Materials in partnership with Impact

Morgan Advanced Materials partnered with Impact to support their global strategy through leadership development. These successful multi-tiered programmes embed the capabilities needed in the constantly shifting environment.

Leaders and graduates have learnt and worked together seamlessly, creating the Morgan of the future in real time.

We use a blended approach utilising the best of a number of technologies including MS Teams, Impact’s experiential learning app - air™, Zoom, Percipio Online Learning, plus landmark face to face events.

The success of the programmes is evidenced across the business as a transformation of leadership behaviour and a demonstrable impact on business performance.


QA is the UK’s leading tech talent and training organisation. Over the last year, QA has transformed its Apprenticeships to a blended learning model, involving the redesign of the content and delivery of 8 programmes.

The orchestration between the pedagogy, the learner support and the technology has delivered a new flexible approach to work-based learning. Learners are more engaged and progress faster through their programmes. By doing so, they become productive employees earlier, providing significant value to their employer and the wider economy.


WeLead, a state‐of‐the‐art blended leadership development programme created by Taolin, provided the base for some elegant and people-centric solutions to the high-profile business needs of our learning partners.

The built-in ability of WeLead to differentiate and optimize its learning blends to meet the needs of different people and organisations, enabled us to transform over the last 12 months, the skill-base of over 450 people managers in 15 countries, under adverse business conditions.

Our learning blends have changed the approach to learning, integrating it into the daily life of people, creating new learning cultures and transforming the modus operandi of L&D.

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