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M - Best use of blended learning - public & non-profit sector

M - Best use of blended learning - public & non-profit sector

M - Best use of blended learning - public & non-profit sector


This is a story about creating the first and most comprehensive leadership and management development eco-system across Policing in the UK (and possibility the world) which delivered behavioural change for almost 90% of attendees…

Developed by Accipio and the College of Policing, the eco-system gives up to 200,000 officers and staff working across the police service access to the “Leadership Learning” platform and App which includes a suite of over 100s eLearning modules, free workshops (2,000 places) and webinars, 360 diagnostic tools which recommend learning, content curation tools, social learning, and internationally recognised leadership and management qualifications.

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DogsTrust & Covetrus

Covetrus enabled Dogs Trust to successfully deliver the digital transformation of their clinical function.

The big bang transformation, across the UK and Ireland saw 400 people from 24 sites skilled up and confident in their use of the new software, with 66 becoming superusers to support them.

A new pedagogy delivered learning on new and repurposed technologies, with learning designed and created to be relevant, personalised and delivered on web enabled and low-tech solutions to enable ease of use.

The expected benefits were immediate and substantial, with one being of a scale which would surprise us all.

MKC Training 

The Royal Engineers, long renowned for being at the forefront of nurturing new ideas, have consistently demonstrated a commitment to high quality, technological innovation.  MKC Training is proud to help them maintain this tradition.  Our innovative, Fixed Mastery Variable Time methodology, blending engaging eLearning with detailed Task Cards and personalised Face to Face support, enables us to deliver outstanding, artisan, technical and professional training in Construction and Engineering.  As a result, trainee retention has increased, training time and costs have reduced by an average 20% and over 39,000 ‘Man Training Days’ have been saved with no diminution in quality.


Pseudo-pilots support air traffic controller training. It’s a highly skilled, technical role. Staff training for pseudo-pilots was developed some time ago and no longer reflected best practice.

Not in keeping with the expectations of today’s learner, it was lengthy and left trainees with skill and knowledge gaps. With demand for simulations increasing, coupled with a focus on reducing staff training costs by 20% a new blended training solution was developed, using key technology.

The new upgraded solution saved 32% on costs, improved the trainee experience, knowledge and skill level, whilst maintaining consistent high feedback scores from the customer.

QuaRijn & TinQwise

QuaRijn and TinQwise developed REIN World of Care Academy: a blended learning solution that empowers Dutch geriatric care providers to keep learning, based on their passion for their clients.
The blended programme focuses on the themes of personal development, team development and people-oriented care. This carefully thought-out combination of online and offline learning methods ensures that we can motivate and activate the target group in an accessible way during their work. While at the same time utilising all the advantages of the online tools, such as scalability, a wide range of learning options and the ability to adapt quickly.

Surf Life Saving NSW and Saffron Interactive

Surf Life Saving trains volunteer lifesavers across Australia to save lives. This unique blend of “dry, wet and digital” delivers two qualifications necessary to patrol on the beach. It dramatically increased skills and confidence levels by over 15% and included mobile learning interventions using voice and push to talk technology to simulate radio/walkie talkies. Serious gamification components, scaffolded learning methodologies and micro learning modules not only retained engagement for over 30 hours but meant that the course could be re-purposed for “Our Living Room Lifesavers Program” when the pandemic hit organizational revenues and the ability to deliver training.

University of East London

This submission relates our response to the global health crisis as an institutional, to upskill our staff, developing institutional confidence in the new learning journey, optimising the use of technology to build learner engagement and attainment.  It focuses on the collaboration between the Royal Docks School of Business and Law (RDSBL) and the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), charting the piloting of a series of interventions, including the self-paced Blended Learning Course, live synchronous training, additional support mechanisms, evaluating training impact via the effective blended learning review panels and a dry run of dual delivery before September.

World Food Programme and NIIT

The World Food Programme Supervisory Skills Programme is a fully customized, eight-week virtual leadership development learning journey for first level supervisors which utilizes a diverse blended experience to deliver relevant and engaging learning and development to its audience. The aim of the programme is to provide first-level supervisors with clarity on their role, provide them with practical tools to plan, give and receive feedback, partner with others, critically review work done and identify areas of improvement. The programme aims to support a culture change towards supervisors enabling, supporting, and developing team members. Throughout the programme, supervisors are encouraged to ask for input from others, get the other person’s perspective, and put themselves in their shoes, creating understanding and trust through open communication.

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