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O - Best use of learning data analytics to impact learner and business performance

O - Best use of learning data analytics to impact learner and business performance

O - Best use of learning data analytics to impact learner and business performance

Area9 Lyceum

With traditional e-learning, analytics are typically limited to completion, progress and an optional score often based on a quiz. More advanced analytics approaches require additional instrumentation through standards like xAPI. However, these approaches often require manual coding and the generated data needs to be manually processed to provide value.

Area9’s adaptive approach both creates and consumes comparatively vast amounts of data. Data is generated automatically with no coding necessary, and is used in real-time to optimize each learner’s path to mastery and lead to 100% proficiency against the defined learning objectives. It can also be reviewed by educators and content developers to gain insights into learners, make tactical improvements to content, and make strategic decisions about curricula.


Deloitte Belgium

Deloitte Accountancy provides financial and accounting services to a diverse range of clients with 900 accounting experts. 

In the context of a digital transformation, they reaches out to us: how can we boost and embed the change at hand through learning?  

We developed a learning experience platform, hosting a blended journey consisting of different episodes, brought through an engaging metaphor and fictitious client case and supported by a multichannel communication campaign. 

Learning data was key and monitored the impact of learning.  Qualitative and qualitative data enabled us to monitor and adjust our learning approach in an agile way. 

MetLife and GP Strategies

Data analytics is one of MetLife L&D’s critical enablers. Data is used to make informed decisions in learning on topics including content, delivery mechanisms, engagement tactics, and translation strategy.

MetLife collaborated with GP Strategies on MetLife’s Workforce of the Future development programme, which focused on improving the skills employees need to be successful in the future. Data analytics were used daily to make the programme better for individual learner development and for greater business performance. Most notably, data was able to show a linkage between programme participation and increased employee engagement and retention across the organization. 


Proteus enables clients to deliver change faster, better and cheaper.

At the heart of our business is data-driven analytics and a passion for learning/development, both of which provides our clients with clarity, certainty, and confidence in delivering change.  

The case study we provide represents a UK financial services company who aspired to use data and learning in an innovative and more sophisticated way to improve their business assurance performance. The primary focus was to improve how the assurance function executed its corporate duties around ensuring the success of their key projects and understanding organisation wide change themes.


With a globally mobile workforce of over 270,000 employees, this year’s pandemic was always going to be a gamechanger for PwC.

At the heart of our response was an in-depth understanding of the needs of our learners.

To achieve this, we used real time data and analytics to assess the changing and evolving demands of our learners.

This entry demonstrates the use of dynamic data production that helped deliver the most relevant and timely learning content our learners required to support them in their roles and the changes they needed to make to their working lives.

Swisscom and Area9 Lyceum 

As incumbent telecom operator in a saturated market, Swisscom needed to increase sales of its new IT Portfolio solutions to offset the falling prices of telephony products.

Rather than a conventional ‘one size fits all’ training, Swisscom adopted an unusual approach, in partnership with Area9 Lyceum.

Skills IQ is a bespoke multi-stage and highly personalised learning program that sensitively addressed a barrier to success that is so often overlooked – unconscious incompetence in Sales and Distribution departments. The program was heavily informed and designed by data analytics from the Area9 learning platform.

This learning approach was an important step towards changing the learning culture and also a brave investment, but one that paid off; the company is now well on its way to deliver its goal of growing revenues through proficient Sales experts that are capable to sell Swisscom’s diversified portfolio. 

ZS Associates & Roche FMI

People Analytics Support System - PASS. 

By designing role-suitability virtual assessments around the essentials of successful on-the-job behaviour, and using a data-driven approach to deliver personalised learning and development support for participants while informing curriculum planning, PASS provides both personal and organisational improvement aligned to business objectives and identified key skills, behaviours and competencies.

ZS Associates is a global professional services firm that helps develop and deliver products that drive customer value and company results.

Together with Roche, we created a tailored self-development programme for customer experience managers. Featuring assessments leading to personalised L&D pathways sustained by coaching guides for regional managers, this was aligned with a target operating model serving broader strategic objectives and core Roche commitments to the needs of employees, customers and patients.

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