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P1 - Best UK digital transformation of a training programme in response to COVID-19

P1 - Best UK digital transformation of a training programme in response to COVID-19

P1 - Best UK digital transformation of a training programme in response to COVID-19

Bupa UK and BestAtDigital

Bupa UK took decisive action to protect frontline staff and care home residents; those most vulnerable to Covid-19. Restricting contact was vital to reducing transmission, yet care homes relied on face-to-face training. The industry hadn’t been able to convert to digital training in a decade. Yet in 3 months, the Bupa and BestAtDigital team delivered essential training in a streamlined mobile app, rated 5/5 by Care Workers. Crucially, it gives up to 70 minutes back to each heroic Care Worker; time to keep residents safe, to raise their spirits and to hold their hands in the place of loved ones


In March 2020 EDF UK was about to commence the launch of three leadership development programmes. These were part of a new leadership development framework created in 2019 to support current and future leaders to flourish in an increasingly complex and changing operating context.

With the sudden onset of a global pandemic what followed was an extraordinary story of courage, commitment, agility and innovation. Where EDF UK embraced the opportunity that virtualising all their programmes presented and truly embodied the phrase “virtual doesn’t have to mean worse; it just means different”.

Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education

Delivering exceptional teaching and learning online to thousands of learners with 24hrs notice is no mean feat. Yet this is precisely what GIFHE was able to do as a result of a digital strategy which had prepared staff and students for the impact of technology on all workplaces including its own during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Full remote business continuity was maintained for thousands of staff and students and the quality of digital education was recognized as being among the best in the county. The scale and success of this transformation is sector leading.

Health Education & Improvement Wales 

The national health service recently faced a major crisis in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic leaving the NHS in unchartered territory. Our front-line workforce was required to work in unimaginable conditions, providing compassionate care in uncompassionate conditions. Quite rightly our front-line staff became national heroes.   

During this crisis we desperately needed to protect our workforce, support our workforce and inflate our workforce creating additional capacity across NHS Wales to provide care for the unprecedented volumes of patients that required medical treatment. A temporary support workforce to support the existing workforce was one of many solutions explored.

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) focused on the provision of education and training for the workforce on the frontline responding to the pandemic.

It quickly became clear HEE e-LfH had the skills to deliver the educational requirements and the COVID-19 programme was created.

Up to the end of July 2020 the programme has seen 1.85 million session launches.

The programme became the central place for the workforce to access education and training resources to support the response.

We will always be very proud to have played our part in responding to the global pandemic.


Joskos Solutions 

Joskos Solutions focuses on supporting schools to make the most of ICT and training is critical. Joskos has created, and successfully delivered, an exciting approach that focuses on involving teachers in the sessions, giving practical examples that can be used in lessons and includes interactively using the tools teachers will use with their students. As one member of staff commented: ‘I’ve never been a big technology fan – it never seems to work for me and the anxiety I felt before the first training was palpable [but as a result of the Joskos approach].…I realised I actually can do this.’ 


Covid-19 has been the single most disruptive event we have ever faced as an organisation. Our response had to be fast, well executed, but most importantly - due to our scale - coordinated, with changes applied consistently to ensure our students’ ambitions could still be achieved and client expectations met. We moved 24,000 learners within a matter of days from the classroom to live online teaching. Training was delivered remotely to 175 tutors and 1,000 courses had an activity feed manually added to help students ask questions and share ideas.

A new online proposition is in development for 2021.

Network Rail 

In order for Network Rail to run the safest railway in Europe, we need a UK-wide network of Mobile Operations Managers (MOMs) who are specially trained to manage operational incidents.

At the height of the pandemic, employers were advised that up to 20% of their workforce could be affected. It was vital that day-to-day incidents on or near the railway did not impact or delay vital freight or passenger services.

The digital transformation of incident response training enabled us to produce a contingent course in an agile and innovative way to enhance our resilience now and in years to come.


Converting an immersive, face-to-face, facilitated strategic planning programme for multiple teams into a digital experience within two weeks, right at the start of lockdown.

Edrington and Oxford were about to embark on their blue riband capability programme in March 2020, when the UK lockdown was announced.

This submission shows how a programme built around face-to-face collaboration and facilitation, with a complex subject matter, was switched to being fully digital within two weeks, and how it dealt with the complexities of home-schooling, furlough, and a challenging spirits industry landscape, delivering better quality plans and securing a global roll-out as a result.

Princess Alice Hospice

Covid-19 has resulted in many people dying prematurely with massively increased demands on health and care services. Nurses, paramedics, doctors and others needed to learn new skills to understand how best to support dying people and their families.

Within weeks a hospice team of clinical educators transformed the learning programmes they delivered. Traditional face to face teaching was replaced by a timely, targeted, flexible and accessible range of on-line education programmes.

What was unique was the responsiveness. The learning was provided at a time when the horizon of health care was changing daily so could not be mapped in advance.

Sky and and THRIVE LXP

Teaming up with THRIVE, Sky implemented an LXP to engage and upskill their employees during COVID-19, with focus on their Retail and Leadership teams.

Sky chose not to furlough employees and approached this unprecedented time as an opportunity to transform learning. They moved away from a traditional LMS and accelerated plans to create a self-directed learning culture with THRIVE LXP and user experience at the heart.

In just a few months, the new platform had a significant impact with both the organisation and learners, resulting in up to 94% active users and a 645% increase in engagement compared to their previous platform.

Sky and Learning Pool

The need for entertainment and connectivity has never been more vital for the wellbeing of the vast majority of the population. Through a radical adaptation of existing health and safety training during the COVID-19 crisis, Sky in partnership with Learning Pool, has continued to both keep employees safe, and enabled the return to production and live sport.

The transformation, creation, and delivery of four compelling training modules was exceptionally quick and effective. This meant the return to work has been managed safely, smoothly, and efficiently for all employees and talent – much to the delight of the nation.

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