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P2 - Best international digital transformation of a training programme in response to COVID-19

P2 - Best international digital transformation of a training programme in response to COVID-19

P2 - Best international digital transformation of a training programme in response to COVID-19

British Council

As Covid-19 spread exponentially, schools were forced to close their doors to an estimated 1.5 billion children. Millions of teachers were expected to continue giving classes remotely through whatever means possible. Meanwhile, British Council teacher education programmes suspended all activity as staff were evacuated and national lockdowns prevented any face to face collaboration with teachers. Overnight an urgent professional development need had materialised with teachers and education systems completely unprepared for a new educational reality: one where teachers and pupils no longer shared the same physical space. This is the story of how the British Council’s Digital Task Force responded to that emergent need.


Formed in 2008, CitNOW supplies video and digital communications tools to over 6,500 automotive retailers in 53 countries. Our app-based video and image management platform helps dealers build stronger, more transparent and productive customer relationships through our core products: CitNOW Sales, CitNOW Workshop and CitNOW Web.

The CitNOW Academy helps dealers maximise the effectiveness of personalised videos for customers and provides ongoing support to maintain their video skillset. Prior to Covid-19, 96% of Academy learning services were delivered on-site as a chargeable service. To support our customers during the pandemic, we not only moved all our training online, we also ceased charging for it. Since March 2019, 292 automotive retailers have completed our remote Webinars.      

Expression for Growth

Due to COVID-19, Johnson & Johnson urgently needed to create new channel and customer plans to respond to dramatically changed shopper behaviour.

This required reshaping an existing programme: the design challenge was to transform a two-day workshop into an engaging, multi-country virtual experience.

In the programme, people learned, then immediately applied thinking tools to generate real commercial plans. This enabled teams to begin taking plans to customers immediately afterwards.

The teams continue to be supported through a ‘Plug & Play’ tool that enables them to have ‘a facilitator in their pocket’ to help them apply this thinking to other issues.

Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Engineering GmbH

OpenWHO is the knowledge transfer platform of the World Health Organization (WHO) provided by the Hasso Plattner Institute. According to General Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, knowledge is key to beat the coronavirus globally.

In a very short period of time, more than three million people enrolled to the OpenWHO courses. It is the key tool to inform and teach health workers, WHO staff, NGOs, students, etc., about new developments and methods to fight COVID-19. The scalability of the platform as well as the translation of the courses in more than 34 languages helped to effectively deliver its objectives.

MetLife and GP Strategies

In Q1 2020, MetLife’s internal priorities were to engage employees in its Next Horizon Strategy (launched December 2019) and create a culture where 49,000+ employees in 40+ markets embraced collaboration and experimentation to accelerate growth. 

After kicking off a robust engagement plan featuring an in-person immersion programme (“Next Horizon Days”) across all MetLife markets worldwide, COVID hit and a cross-functional team quickly pivoted to an innovative digital solution. The virtual Next Horizon Strategy Programme and Experimentation Challenge was delivered on time and exceeded expectations for the desired results: increased employee engagement and created a new culture of experimentation and actionable ideas.

MetLife and NIIT

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated the sales force to manage all aspects of the sales process virtually. MetLife Distribution Academy (DA) had to prepare sales associates to sell insurance over Webex or Skype, and create a program that encompasses both synchronous and asynchronous dimensions of a holistic learning experience. The ‘Virtual Selling Program’ was implemented to enable sales associates to sell over Webex and Skype. To this end, the Distribution Advantage Platform (DAP) 3.0 has also been upgraded with the autonomous drive functionality to support virtual skill building, role plays, and practice.

Novartis and LIW

Novartis is committed to building leaders for the world and one cohort had just started their key development program, Ignite, when COVID-19 struck. The combined Novartis and LIW team immediately set the goal to create something better – more engaging and more impactful – than a face-to-face engagement. At the heart of this solution was a radio show – Ignite FM – that was totally focused on the key leadership topics needed by this group of global leaders. The shows included chat, music, talk, quizzes, guests and everything else that makes talk radio compelling.

The Open University of Hong Kong

In maintaining resilience to achieve learning and teaching goals amid unprecedented pandemic disruptions, a team of academic staff, instructional designers and learning technology professionals expeditiously transformed a face-to-face business course into a unique online experience with interactive and engaging features. Students improved in peer collaboration, confidence and the application of knowledge and skills through interactive learning events. The innovative features enabled teachers to follow up on student progress and carry out continuous assessment in virtual settings. More importantly, the transformation prompted the University to rethink and redesign its teaching and learning modes for quality education in an increasingly unpredictable world.

University of Fort Hare

The Covid-19 national lock-down in South Africa presented a significant problem for universities and students to continue with academic programmes. In order not to lose teaching weeks, online methods were investigated. An online approach, itself, presented challenges that included students with poor computer literacy, students lacking access to devices and poor internet coverage.

My initiative was two-fold: one to deliver content using online platforms and, secondly to simulate as closely as possible the environment students were accustomed to, that being, the traditional lecturing environment. Another aspect was to ensure students remain motivated and continued engaging with learning material.


Responding to the request of the Erasmus Medical Centre Board of Directors, Erasmus MC Academy developed with Xprtise, the Ask Erasmus MC. This is an innovative learning and performance support solution built in response to the Corona crisis. It quickly equips new, existing and returning staff of paramedics, doctors, nurses and caregivers with the skills to tend to an ever-increasing number of patients in new COVID-19 Units, Emergency Rooms and ICUs. Its distinction is providing exactly the right amount of information needed at the moment of apply.

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