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  • 9 - 10 February 2022
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Q - Learning technologies team of the year

Q - Learning technologies team of the year

Q - Learning technologies team of the year


ADP’s Learning Technology team (LTech) developed innovative digital transformation tools and techniques to automatically refresh learning environments, to reduce the human burden of a large-scale LMS implementation tasks, and to assist with the ongoing daily operations of the learning team. This work delivered significant cost- and time-savings and transformation using out-of-the-box thinking. It has resulted in a better, more efficient, and self-sufficient user experience, allowing employees to focus on high-value tasks and reducing service calls. It enabled a more dynamic and nimble learning organization and supported ADP’s key strategic focus on incorporating digital transformation into the flow of work.

Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education

The TEC Partnership serves some of the most deprived coastal towns in the UK, it provides education to thousands of students and is the top-rated college group in the country. It could not do this without the ‘digital dynamite’ of the Learning Technology Team. They have transformed the performance of hundreds of staff across a huge geographical area which in turn has transformed the lives of young people and adults returning to education. Not only has this team transformed our performance it has also delivered significant monetary savings in a time of real austerity for the public sector. They are unparalleled in their transformational impact.

Medivet and Fuse Universal

Building a digital learning function from scratch is not just about hiring a team of instructional designers and multimedia professionals. While crucial, they are underpinned by content strategist, subject matter experts and technology partners.

Medivet and Fuse have become close partners in the implementation and launch of a “Digital First” training strategy. Together, in 50 working days, we delivered a content-rich, fully customised training platform to support our business goals accessible anytime, anywhere.

This is our story of two companies collaborating to benefit our colleagues’ personal development, improve our operational efficiency and continually deliver exceptional care to our client's pets.


The Defence Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Team is a small, dynamic team supporting all of Defence by providing R&D, best practice and consultancy across all types of TEL. They also support and deliver the Learning Management System (270,000 users spread over 255 establishments/business areas delivering 9,500+ courses), create online courses and teach eLearning course design.

Its unique challenge is in the scope, scale, spectrum and huge diversity of requirements it supports.

Recently the team has underpinned a seismic shift in Defence Training and Education, with a focus on improved quality, communication and changed behaviours leading to 1000+ new online courses.


At the crossroads of technology and finance, Murex is an industry leader in software for capital markets. In a context of regulatory change, relentless technology evolutions, and cutthroat competition for talent, Murex needed to evolve its learning vision to ensure expertise as its key differentiating factor.

How does a small L&D team enable the propagation of expertise across 17 offices, 2300 employees, and the extended enterprise, and support any expert to deliver engaging and relevant courses? How does a decentralized model enable that team to deliver value in an optimized way and help Murex become a learning organization?

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