29 November 2017

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel, London, UK

  •  The Learning Technologies Awards 2017

    The Learning Technologies Awards 2017

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    Have you got what it takes to win in 2017?

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    Register your entries for the 2017 awards now!

  •  Awards gala evening - 29th November 2017

    Awards gala evening - 29th November 2017

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    Dates for your diary:

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Meet the winners!

Around 800 people gathered at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London, UK, on 30 November to celebrate the best in learning technologies across the world.  The biggest gala evening to date saw 53 gold, silver and bronze awards handed out.

The evening was co-hosted by comedians Deborah Frances White and Katherine Ryan.  Headline sponsors were Brightwave Group, Cornerstone OnDemand, Growth Engineering, Immerse Learning, Kallidus, Lumesse Learning, Olive Learning, SiyonaTech, Sponge UK and Unicorn Training Group.  Judging partner was the eLearning Network and Good Practice partner was Towards Maturity.

Kineo scooped double gold, winning both Best use of learning technologies to ensure compliance (partnered with ASADA) and Best learning technologies project - commercial sector (partnered with Barclays).  SiyonaTech took UK gold for Most innovative new learning technologies product, and silver for Excellence in the design of learning content – commercial sector. 

Citi bettered their 2015 silver for Best use of social and collaborative learning technologies with the BeMore project.  Historic Royal Palaces and Kingdom London took the gold in the mobile category, whilst Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service won gold for Best blended learning project – public & non-profit sector.

There were double silver wins for HT2 (Best enterprise learning platform implementation, with Villeroy & Boch, and Best use of social and collaborative learning technologies, with InterContinental Hotels Group), and AVADO (Best online distance learning programme, with CIPD, and Best learning technologies project – public & non-profit sector, with United for Wildlife, ZSL).

Meet all the winners or click on a category below to find out more about them.

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Best learning technologies project - commercial sector


Barclays' Customer Obsessed Colleagues Elearning with Kineo 

Barclays set out to improve customer service within the mortgage journey after receiving negative comments from customers about key service indicators. A subsequent review found that culturally the mortgage family was not joined up, and colleagues didn’t appreciate what was important to make sure customers received a special experience.

Working with Kineo, the ‘Customer Obsessed Colleagues’ campaign was designed to improve knowledge, bring colleagues closer together and highlight the importance of being customer obsessed. Evidence of success included cost savings of £1.5 million through reducing complaints and improving confidence levels. With the project identifying and analysing in detail a clear business need and then developing an interesting solution and tracking to measure outcomes meticulously, the campaign has been an unquestionable success. 


Group Account - Qualification and Certificate Management project - Siemens Wind Power

Addressing a significant business problem at the heart of the organisation – one that threatened to undermine the entire business – this extraordinary piece of project management created a massive database of employee certification. This enabled teams of appropriately qualified people to be selected for projects and individuals in need of training and refreshers to be identified in a timely manner.

Manual duplication of existing data in the LMS to a process supported by a web application provided direct access to certificates and defined learning needs. Safe working conditions and less downtime in installation and production of wind turbines have been secured while the accuracy in personnel certificates saves millions in non-conformance costs annually. 


Marks and Spencer - Web Chat - Popcorn Learning Media

This course had to meet two business objectives: to enable members of the Marks & Spencer web chat team to confidently use the system with customers; and to ensure that team members could demonstrate a good understanding of the M&S tone of voice during every customer conversation.

The digital solution blended different learning solutions including: bite-sized video, quizzes, interactive guided demonstrations; and an interactive video with 10 different endings.

This was a case study in how to engage a user group by involving them in the development of a creative and innovative solution: the end result belied the remarkably modest budget and delivered on its objectives.

Best learning technologies project – public & non-profit sector


Live Learning

‘Live Learning’ demonstrated a powerful use of digital technology to raise aspirations, increase attainment and build an inspirational community of learners. Through building digital literacy and innovation skills in young people, Middleton Park School has been recognised as developing excellent sector-leading practice. 

The clear and simple use of everyday technologies is a lesson to us all and is a springboard to greater ambition. Creativity and community are at the heart of ‘Live Learning’ which has led to the school working with a range of local and international partners. This was a story of using the right tools to inspire and engage a whole school and community with school inspectors applauding it as being pivotal to the transformation of the curriculum. 


Introducing Conservation by United for Wildlife, ZSL & AVADO

With conservationists in short supply and public awareness not high enough to affect large-scale and widespread change, AVADO worked in partnership with United for Wildlife –  a group of the largest conservation organisations led by the Royal Foundation –  to inspire the next generation of conservationists and equip them to effect change. 

This age is known by conservationists as 'The sixth extinction', with species becoming extinct at a rate not seen since the dinosaur era. Using simple and existing tools to make a substantial impact on clear goals, this learning helps the amazing work conservationists do all over the world. This global initiative had good data and reporting of the impact achieved. 


Aspire 2Be

New super-school in Ysgol Bae Baglan in South Wales engaged with Neath Port Talbot Council, its primary and secondary feeder schools, and the wider community in a bespoke 21st century learning programme provided by Aspire 2Be and the local education authority.

Bringing pupils, teachers and parents together around projects and school work was key to success, as well as an understanding of the school environment which was demonstrated throughout and was the foundation for a positive impact in the early stages of this work. 

Excellence in the design of learning content - commercial sector


Formula Botanica

Formula Botanica’s courses teach learners how to formulate professional, safe, organic cosmetic products. The training materials provide learners with hands-on experience, product knowledge and business skills in order to start a successful organic cosmetics brand. The submission showed an impressive use of learning technology in order to create a business that creates other businesses internationally.

What made this entry stand out was the rigour with which the design and learner experience worked together, ensuring that the outcome was sensitive to the learners' needs. They create their own products and use social media incorporated into the learning experience to gain feedback and guidance. Learners become better cosmetic formulators and each activity is directly linked to one or more learning outcomes increasing learner engagement, results and satisfaction.


PwC – Altitude

The PwC Altitude leadership development programme was created for a pressing business need: engaging and developing 1,200 pre-managers with the skills and capabilities to lead in a complex and changing business world both now and in the future.

The programme had innovative design and learning content delivered through blended learning experiences to enhance, support and embed skills and behaviours. It shows what is possible when L&D is at the centre of the firm’s strategic direction and achieves engaging, inspiring and transformative learning experiences. It had to create a wow factor for staff development and retention providing a solution to a real business challenge. 


Autonomy Multimedia- Aston Martin DB11

Aston Martin’s Second Century Plan this year saw the company launch the DB11. To ensure its success, Autonomy produced e-learning content covering design and engineering, allowing a behind -the-scenes preview of the conception of the car right through to the performance capabilities of the finished article.

This has been viewed across the global dealer network. The passion for this project came through loud and clear from every level of the company with a strong solution that married the needs of the learners to the production values employed. Engaging learning contents despite constraints and issues at every bend in the road of production.

Excellence in the design of learning content – public & non-profit sector


Use of micro-learning and mini-games for Air Traffic Controller training

UK air traffic management service NATS wanted to enhance the learning resources it provided to trainee air traffic controllers (TATCs) prior to commencing their formal training at the NATS College. SiyonaTech designed and developed a technology-based solution that would engage a new generation of learners and that would support all TATCs to reach the same base level of knowledge to give them the best chance of qualifying.

A series of challenging mini-games help TATCs to test their knowledge of topics that are critical to their future roles, such as aircraft characteristics and call signs. The gimmick-free simulation-based pre-learning fulfilled a pressing organisational imperative to level the playing field and increase the success rate of candidates. Performance-based activities accurately mapped onto the desired job performance helped to create a motivational and impactful piece of learning. 


Oxford English Vocabulary Trainer – Oxford University Press

Available as a mobile app for Apple and Android, the Oxford English Vocabulary Trainer (OEVT) is designed to help learners of English build and retain vocabulary knowledge through deepening understanding of each word.

With a strong, well-researched learning strategy and good use of technology that is well-matched to the needs of the target audience, this app is designed to encourage learning by doing and repetition. Algorithms provide helpful, nuanced feedback and positive reinforcement in the Feebu gamified feature. Developed by OUP in partnership with Alphary, the app can be used by independent learners or students studying in secondary or higher education. 


British Council’s FutureLearn MOOCs

The British Council has delivered more than 20 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in the past 18 months attracting almost two million learner registrations and at 440,000 breaking the world record for the largest single enrolment on a MOOC.

This conceptually-simple MOOC uses social interaction in a meaningful and impactful way to immerse global learners in English language and culture. The results are impressive engagement with five-figure interactions on individual threads, peer appraisal and improved learning. This lively and supportive tutor-led learning community is a great example for others to follow. 

Best use of mobile learning


Time Explorers app - Historic Royal Palaces and Kingdom London

The Time Explorers app is an exciting way for families and schools to explore and learn about the historic sites cared for by Historic Royal Palaces. The content is made up of ‘digital missions’, character-led adventures that combine immersive storytelling, gameplay and rewards to bring ‘history where it happened’ to life. All elements of the app were informed by audience research and user-testing to ensure it met the audiences’ and organisation’s needs.

The enthusiastic feedback says it does and it is an inspirational example for others as the blend of new technology perfectly complements the historic surroundings, without ever losing the learners completely to the screen. It also makes engaging use of the different device characteristics incorporating gamification techniques to good effect. 


Wavelength, HITO, and Touchtech: HITO VUE

HITO VUE is a mobile learning portal by HITO, Wavelength and Touchtech for trainee hairdressers. Introducing new technology in a traditional environment driven by paper-based portfolios and hands-on training, the content and device functionality are ideally tailored to the learner demographic. Features including badging and social interactions driving on-going engagement.

Effective in meeting HITO’s needs, the audience reaction has been positive with uptake goals met in part due to the technology – with the emphasis on using smartphones –  helping learning efficiency and simplifying assessment-portfolio submission. Already surpassing targets, this is an exciting innovation that should inspire other vocational training. 


Delivering that Superdrug Feeling through mobile learning

A corporate wide example of mobile learning in action, not just supporting but leading a strategic business objective. This initiative uses the latest technology to successfully reach out and drive culture change across a large, fragmented organisation.

With careful planning and processes, it's become embedded into the organisation quickly. And the link back to real business metrics and objectives is laudable, something that should be emulated by others. Superdrug online learning enables new staff to understand the business and vision from the start while longer serving staff can hone existing skills, learn new ones, and become more effective in their work.  

Best use of social and collaborative learning technologies


Citi BeMore

An internal behavioural change campaign BeMore went beyond learning, and demonstrably drove innovation and growth throughout the organisation. The campaign used social and collaborative approaches to bring about sustained behavioural and cultural change over a two-year period. This led to embracing self-directed with social learning at the core of this initiative right down to the innovative ‘viral’ internal marketing that drove the mass uptake.

Citi’s Jive-based platform was used extensively to drive the employee engagement needed to ensure success. A BeMore landing space was created supported by a content curation strategy and a community manager to stimulate user generated content. Impact is unquestionable: 4% more people completing their development plans; Positive impact on Voice of the Employee scores; BeMore activity being embedded into everyday business activities. 


InterContinental Hotels Group and HT2 Labs

An innovative and brave project from an organisation whose stakeholders are semi-independent, culturally diverse and spread across the globe. It took a leap of faith for IHG to use social tools to promote best practice in performance management but the risk paid off, with mass participation and learners sharing their stories, their experiences, learning from each other, and solving each other’s problems.

Setting out a strategic goal to offer a MOOC to first-level leaders around the world, IHG was aiming to improve the quality of feedback conversations. Within four weeks 50% of participants were discussing new ways of working and more than 12% had tried a new feedback technique in the workplace.


AB Sugar – Collaboration delivers results

Social learning and collaboration brought about a major culture change in an organisation where traditionally asking for help was considered a weakness. AB Sugar enjoyed the benefits of knowledge sharing across the globe and the motto of ‘Copy with Pride’ was central to how the employees are learning and developing.

With a vision to be the world’s leading sugar business, AB Sugar saw it could gain a competitive advantage by achieving its objectives to connect people, facilitate learning and improve the capabilities of the business. Now it sees itself as a leading force in collaborative working and is set to continue to adapt in order to ensure momentum continues. 

Best use of learning technologies to ensure compliance


ASADA's Multi-Device Anti-Doping Elearning with Kineo

To protect the integrity of sport by raising awareness about doping, Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) needed to combat its low engagement levels by relaunching its out-dated and clunky education programme. The new up-to-date, engaging, multi-device, and compliant e-learning meets WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards, and has helped ASADA achieve excellent cost-savings, a drastic shift in user sentiment and unprecedented growth in its user base.

The success of its Level 1 course has led to the development of a Level 2 course. Resisting the simple ‘tick-box’ approach, this compliance e-learning is clear about what it set out to achieve, knew its audience and was well designed and implemented with impressive results. Innovative learner dashboard functionality helped to drive the 25% reduction in sanctions. 


Grocery Regulatory Review - Tesco and Sponge UK

Tesco is operating in an increasingly regulated grocery environment. Recent regulatory requirements have necessitated implementation of compliance focused learning within a 90-day timeframe. This is leading to significant changes to the operating framework, requiring a review of its learning interventions, moving to a model that allows for dynamic changes and ensuring staff are both competent and compliant.

The response was a thought through design approach that challenged behaviours and delivered cultural change in the supermarket’s relationship with its suppliers. With great use of Learner Voice data and analytics and a campaign-based communications approach, this project was a stunning achievement in the face of an extreme challenge from the regulator.  


CIP Defender – MetaMythic, eLearning Brothers and Delorum

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards are exacting and often tedious to the power-grid employees who most need to implement them. But this project adopted an immersive approach to what could have been a dry regulatory compliance course creating CIP Defender, a visually explosive e-learning adventure in which learners protect our vital power grid utilities from extra-terrestrial robot invaders. 

To connect with the physical facilities they protect in the real world, learners create and customise a virtual facility, see the real impact of cyber-attack, and then add CIP defences to protect the facility against future threats. A fresh and engaging approach placing the learner at the heart of the story. 

Most innovative new learning technologies product – UK



In the largest crowd-funded edtech invention to date Primo Toys raised $1.6m from 6,000 backers from 90 countries in a Kickstarter campaign. Cubetto is a wooden robot for aged 3 and up, powered by the first programming language you can touch. It's a Montessori approved, LOGO Turtle-inspired coding toy that allows children to learn and explore real programming through storytelling, problem solving and hands-on play.

Primo Toys has created a product that stands to inspire the next generation of information technologists before they experience screen-based technology. The product – which has already sold 20,000 units and now has a global market– is supported by a resource centre and workshops. Through Cubetto children should be better prepared for a world immersed in technology.  


SiyonaTech 'LiveAssist' remote support solution using Augmented Reality (AR) via SmartGlasses 

SiyonaTech’s disruptive Augmented Reality (AR) solutions aim to provide instant training as well as live expert coaching and performance support to field-based staff within their SmartGlasses’ field of view.

The implementation at Dell focused on immediate improvements in efficiency and effectiveness by providing learning and performance support within the users field of view; delivering support within the SmartGlasses while assembling/disassembling PCs.

Especially in operation, repair and maintenance or product environments, where the learner/user needs to have their hands free to perform a task, delivering expert instructions or having the ability to access live access expert guidance and information within their field-of-view within the learner’s SmartGlasses will transform the way learning and performance support can be delivered in the field. 


Shire and Wildfire™: a revolution in online learning, using AI to make learners read to remember through active learning

A fascinating breakthrough tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate e-learning content in real time from any text-based source content, Wildfire provides e-learning that extends the original content with follow-up ‘fill in the blank’ activities aiming to create an active and memorable learning experience.

In addition, automatically generated links to Wikipedia pages and other internal and external resources –  such as You Tube –  adapt and enhance the learning journey based on learner selections. This starts to meet the challenge of delivering technical learning quickly, in an engaging way, in bite sized chunks and on the move for field based staff.  

Most innovative new learning technologies product – international


Skills® for Autism by SKILLS Global

Impressive use of technology to identify the most appropriate learning interventions for children with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) based on comprehensive diagnostics and subsequent observational data. The observations app is an ideal way to capture behavioural data during a typical day and the curriculum planning tools help teachers, support workers and parents put together a set of learning interventions that are customised and adapted for the individual.

The tools include a comprehensive assessment, customisable research-based lessons, and automatically generated progress-tracking reports based on psychometric research allowing clinicians, teachers and parents to apply scientifically-proven treatments and interventions, measure their effectiveness, and help children with ASD reach their fullest potential. This platform is well placed to make a difference to those with ASD and those who care for them.  


Osler - Clinical Performance Platform

Osler’s Clinical Performance Platform combines high quality online learning with a cloud-enabled workplace assessment framework that simultaneously provides formative and summative assessment, to best help clinicians learn and practice a range of key medical procedures.

Learning skills, tasks and how to use equipment is exceptionally challenging in the healthcare environment.  Osler then allows doctors and nurses to track their activity and outcomes of their procedures, including their complications and any new lessons learned. Clinical staff can build a portfolio of their skills and experience that is portable, can be used to promote or defend themselves, and benchmark their performance globally. 


Learning Stories - create engaging gamified learning experiences

Netex learningPlay and learningStories meet the growing need for systems tools that cater for the burgeoning learning gamification marketplace. With the current interest in the gamification of learning and specifically e-learning this approach clearly has some key advantages over building content and systems from the ground up to deliver a gamification solution.

They provide a powerful and graphically attractive solution for anybody that wants to bring in gamification rules and strategies into their organisation but doesn’t want to change their existing e-learning content. Instead they add a new layer of achievement opportunities and management to enable content to be placed on a new footing. 

Best learning game


Isville - T. Is Bankasi A.S. (Isbank)

Türkiye Is Bankasi or Isbank is Turkey’s largest bank and has a philosophy of promoting only from within the bank, including at executive level. So learning and development (L&D) is vital. Isville is a strategy game and a knowledge challenge that is designed to support employees to learn more about retail banking and the bank’s products, as well as refreshing knowledge and improving skills.

Participants play the role of bankers seeking to maximize their profit as they compete against other players. They deal with variable banking operations to build a profitable and sustainable business model. Isville has an excellent user interface that channels the mobile gaming 'look' to deliver an engaging and relevant learning experience and the entry presented good evidence of real-world usage and individual benefits.


Mastering Gamification in Retail - A Success Story from Boots UK and Mind Click

Collaborating with Mind Click, Boots UK created a learning game in just six weeks; devised to capture the hearts and minds of learners for Christmas. Utilising key gamification elements including leader boards and badges, this game ensured high knowledge acquisition of Boots UK’s seasonal products.

It resulted in a measurable increase in instore orders. This was a stand-out example of gamification being integrated with e-learning with thought invested in to the game mechanics and the execution, especially as it was achieved using standard industry tools. Overcoming technology restrictions, the game broke into the workplace itself. 


Transport for London in partnership with Kallidus

As part of one of the largest business transformation projects in Europe, Transport for London (TfL)’s ‘Fit for the Future – Stations’ (FftFS) programme needed to support and upskill 5,000 employees and create lasting behavioural change across London Underground.

‘The Golden Ticket Game’ was integral to the success of the blended learning programme, engaging and motivating learners, embedding essential knowledge and enabling TfL to exceed all key performance indicator (KPI) targets in just eight months. The game was used to spearhead a major internal marketing campaign, helping to secure widespread buy-in for the FftFS programme and contributing significantly to productivity savings of £4.4m.  

Best use of simulations or virtual environments for learning


Skills2Learn Babcock - Advanced Virtual Reality: Technical and Maintenance Training for Aggreko

Providing training on the complex technical subject of conducting major services on both diesel and gas generators in potentially dangerous and high risk, safety critical environments had made it challenging for Aggreko to train its rapidly expanding global workforce in the same way to the same standard across the world.

Game-based training with virtual reality scenarios provided a scalable, cost-effective solution delivering a learning experience closely matching the live experience. A mix of media resulted from a thorough and professional training needs analysis. The use of games as an international language to engage the global audience, coupled with rigour and impressive attention to fine detail, resulted in a significant improvement in skills transfer and the reduction of equipment- related deaths to zero, sustained for over three years.  


Operation Praxis - Surrey Police

Social media is critical in a crisis as accurate information is required to be communicated as quickly as possible. In a first for UK policing, Operation Praxis (‘praxis’ is the process by which a theory, lesson or skill is enacted, embodied or realised) brings numerous police forces together in a simulated environment to learn advanced social media skills and put those into practice.

The creative design allows for live simulation, trial and error, and active reflection in the workflow of the simulation, enabling vicarious learning that has spilled out of the simulation and into a community of interest. Achieved on a low budget, old technology delivered a thoroughly modern event.


TTi Global - Bespoke Augmented Reality Applications for Jaguar Land Rover

A bespoke augmented reality (AR) training solution supported Global Retailer Launch Training for the new Jaguar F-PACE. The AR applications demonstrated beyond traditional learning delivery methods the performance capability of the vehicle. Inventive use of technology was able to remove the need for multiple prototype cars to be created and shipped across the world, going inside and under the skin of the vehicle to visualise structural and technical aspects.

There has been an impact on the brand culture within the organisation achieving an enhanced learner experience and estimated cost savings of £400,000 - £1,500,000 globally, a cost reduction of 5%-15% for global product launch training. 

Best online distance learning programme


Delivering degrees to seafarers without internet – MLA College with Plymouth University

The Marine Learning Alliance’s (MLA’s) Hydrography for Professionals programme was designed to meet the needs of marine industry professionals and employers working in, or wanting to work in, the field of hydrographic surveying.

Students are able to study on a part-time basis from anywhere in the world using the MLA’s e-learning platform. For those working at sea for long periods of time, regular internet access is not required, and the teaching and learning materials can be accessed without a continuous connection to the internet. Despite the technological challenges, the group working and collaboration achieved was impressive, as were the range of quality tools and resources and the flexible and effective tutor support enjoyed by the students.  


Closing the L&D digital skills gap: exemplifying best practice with CIPD

In 2015 the CIPD and AVADO formed a partnership to address a widening digital skills gap in the L&D profession highlighted in CIPD’s 2015 L&D: Evolving Roles, Enhancing Skills research report. The output was an active, modern and clearly targeted learning programme which achieved a wide global reach.

Students in more than 40 countries fostered an active community, full of enthusiasm to improve their digital skills competency significantly. The qualifications and assessments are an international programme wholly online which have seen enrolments increase 1,300% with learners’ confidence in their capability on core digital skills rising from 35% to 92%.  



ACCA-X is digital learning developed by global accountancy body ACCA designed to enhance the financial literacy skills of a global audience of learners with varying learning styles, different educational and socio-economic backgrounds and with a variety of motivations and learning goals.

Breaking the mould for teaching accountancy, by harnessing a wide variety of online methods and media to create an enviable social and collaborative learning experience, the programme has high rates of student take-up, pass rates and satisfaction. With free and affordable courses using MOOC technology and mobile enabled, it reached 100,000 learners in 230 countries in year one. The use of data analytics to track student behaviour and provide tailored interventions is impressive. 

Best blended learning project - commercial sector


‘6 months to become effective business partners’ By Novartis & The Ludic Group 

This state-of-the-art online distance learning programme effectively achieved worldwide participation, collaboration, coaching and networking. The NBS Partners Program was a solution to an urgent and high profile business need shifting Novartis leaders’ mind-set training them to become effective Business Partners.

The learning approach – state-of-the-art online distance learning –  allowed participants to customise their learning journey and experience in an engaging and practical way, through self-learning, virtual classrooms, one-to-one coaching and community engagement. Participants then applied the knowledge gained to solve a real business partner challenge. The programme – which had a 92% pass rate and saw business partner customer satisfaction increase by 12% – transformed expectations around L&D in Novartis and raised the bar in terms of blended solutions.



DriverMetrics is a scientifically validated driver training programme that uses a blended learning approach to improve driver behaviour and reduce road collisions. The mission of the company – founded at Cranfield University in 2005 – is to reduce road crashes, the world's leading cause of preventable death and injury in people under 35, accounting for around five million casualties every year.

A ground-breaking product expertly devised based on decades of research, DriverMetrics is delivering tangible changes in behaviour and consequently reductions in road accidents and lives lost. The programme targets driver behaviour, the biggest contributing factor in 95% of road crashes. 


PwC - Altitude

The PwC Altitude leadership development programme was created for a pressing business need to engage and develop 1,200 pre-managers with the skills and capabilities to lead effectively in a complex and changing business world. It showcases what’s possible when L&D is at the centre of the firm’s strategic direction, and achieves engaging, inspiring and transformative learning experiences.

A meticulously planned blend combining innovative technologies with a powerful face-to-face experience was used to enhance, support and embed skills and behaviours. Great teamwork enabled this programme to be put together in just a few months, and even on that short timescale it had a significant impact within the firm.  

Best blended learning project – public & non-profit sector 


DSFRS Firefighter Safety – ‘A Blended Approach to Assured Competence’ 

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service has embarked on a journey that maximises the benefits of technology and blends it with the practical application of skills within simulated and real environments.

Firefighters now have permanent 24/7 access to quality-assured and version-controlled learning material which can be accessed from home, their primary employment or even their mobile devices while being operationally available in their community. The professional design of this innovative blended programme, which has achieved significant results in terms of firefighter effectiveness and safety, was impressive. 


Healthcare Learning: MSc in Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry

A range of methods and media offered, including live, online demonstrations of procedures, helped this programme provide worldwide access to top flight dental training since 2010. A two year blended learning qualification that Healthcare Learning provides in partnership with The University of Manchester, combines hands-on sessions with a variety of online learning methods. Webinars, recorded lectures, e-learning, online critical reading and interactive case studies form the majority of the learning, with three concentrated face-to-face sessions providing access to top dental facilities at the university. Dentists can continue working while they learn, which means they can apply their new skills to practice straight away. 


Best Practice Network – National Professional Qualifications for School Leaders 

Best Practice Network has been developing its delivery of the National Professional Qualifications for Leadership and Headteachers for four years, providing affordable, quality training to potential school leaders.

In this time the delivery model has moved from face-to-face to a blended approach through synchronous and asynchronous media and has achieved high pass rates with a high proportion of graduates moving into headships. The pedagogical design and the amount of support provided to students is impressive. Continuously embedding e-learning within the organisation has saved time and money and allowed for investment in learning and has resulted in improved outcomes for participants.

Best enterprise learning platform implementation


Maximising Engagement with Custom eLearning for Clients Worldwide (Moody's Analytics and NetDimensions) 

Moody’s Analytics, a risk management solutions provider to global capital markets, implemented NetDimensions Talent Suite in order to deliver innovative training solutions to financial sector organisations worldwide.

Through the implementation, Moody’s Analytics was able to meet its strategic goals to grow, and improve service to, its global client base while providing users with unparalleled content and an excellent learning experience. A rare example of an implementation that engaged existing e-learning clients, securing unanimous buy-in in advance and positive feedback post-implementation. With attention to detail and collaboration between the two organisations the outcome was transformative for clients, resulting in a high focus on customer engagement plus clear achievement of business, implementation and learning goals. 


Villeroy & Boch and HT2 Labs

With a deployment of the Curatr Enterprise Learning Platform, Villeroy & Boch was able to create and deliver engaging, social courses across its global workforce with incredible speed. Embracing innovations like social, gamification and badges, Villeroy & Boch is a text book example for others to follow.

Performance data gave senior executives the confidence to say that Villeroy & Boch’s investment was paying dividends. For example, where cross-selling training was delivered via Curatr, a 32% increase in average transaction values was reported the next month. In the face of organisational and budgetary challenges, this was a stand-out project. 


Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank with Unicorn Training 

Separating from National Australia Bank Group, Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank need to source a replacement learning platform which would grow with the bank. The project group had 11 weeks to complete the design, test, implement and launch of the platform. The programme was transformational in terms of enhancing the opportunities to learn, and the creativity and flair displayed ensured an effective and engaging implementation.

A campaign-based story narrative, underpinned the technical and developmental success with myLearning offering personal development opportunities while using a robust, innovative platform with management able to monitor their team’s completion status using a simple system.

Learning technologies designer of the year


Kate Nicholls - Sponge UK

As head of Learning Innovation at Sponge UK, Kate Nicholls pushes forward new design ideas that help organisations make the most effective use of learning technologies. Her focus on user experience, coupled with her ability to get to the heart of the business requirement, is achieving measurable results for a wide range of global clients. She's also championing a new generation of learning designers, as she works to bring on new talent in the industry. Described as a creative powerhouse, Kate has a strong focus on learner needs and an ability to utilise a wide range of innovative solutions. 


Caroline Freeman - Brightwave Group

Brightwave Group’s ingenious head of Learning Design Caroline Freeman is an influential new breed of designer – schooled in new media production and bringing boldly original perspectives to the field – changing what digital learning means. In equal parts teacher, storyteller, film producer and games-master, Caroline has lead an industry shift: bringing ideas from outside to redefine expectations of how digital learning looks and feels, how it changes organisational behaviour – and how it improves people, performance and profitability. Her work demonstrated a particular strength in video-based solution while – to use her own words – she fizzes with ideas of what to do next. 

Learning technologies team of the year


KPMG Advisory Learning Design team

Before the Advisory Learning Design team was established, digital learning within the advisory function at professional services giant KPMG was either poor quality or expensively developed by third party providers.

In the three years since the team's creation the situation has been transformed. All e-learning content is now produced in-house by the team to a standard that equates to, if not exceeds, anything being produced by anyone else in the learning industry.

The team has revolutionised how KPMG’s learners feel about digital learning and helped the leadership update its L&D strategy. An inspirational example of a big business embracing learning technology and its potential to free up the time spent at face-to-face training and seminars, the business partnered with the L&D team to produce training which effected performance.


Credit Suisse

The Credit Suisse Online Academy is responsible for the creation and procurement of all digital learning and the management of the bank’s global learning technology systems. Over the past two years the Academy has significantly increased the quality and volume of digital experiences delivered, while significantly reducing costs.

Overhauling how the L&D department was run and delivered its output it has worked hard: for instance, spending time to train subject matter experts on how the production process works.

With an open and collaborative communication style and a shared belief in continuous learning and development, this multi-cultural team has refreshed its vendor relationships and created fully responsive design guidelines that support campaign-based learning approaches that run across devices.  This department is doing what others are still talking about.


Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners is a world-renowned architecture and design studio, having designed the New Mexico Spaceport and the Apple Store, Union Square. Despite this pedigree, keeping up with a fast-paced industry and understanding new disciplines such as Building Information Modelling could be tough, so the team needed a system to help staff learn anywhere and anytime.

Working with Cornerstone the team – which had been built specifically to address the needs identified – created some significant adoption statistics, achieving an engagement rate of over 90%, empowering the organisation and its employees.

Learning technologies supplier of the year


Virtual College

Inspiring joint ventures, impressive client engagement methodologies, clear vision and growing use of analytics for impact data, Virtual College is delivering. It goes beyond what is required to not only meet customer expectations, but to create a wider impact in communities and the environment. For two decades, Virtual College has been developing and supplying collaborative, customer-focused e-learning technology for organisations world-wide.

The dedication of the team combined with an agile way of working, has further improved the level and quality of service for customers, as well as the end results in their organisations. 85% of Virtual College’s customers would recommend it as a supplier and it has been recognised by the London Stock Exchange as one of ‘1,000 companies to inspire Britain’. 



When WillowDNA was formed in 2005, the vision was to bring together knowledge and collaboration expertise with technical enablement. Determined to break away from tedious e-learning that constituted most people’s experience of online learning, WillowDNA wanted to create a new kind of learning company.

From the creativity WillowDNA injects into its content to the innovation evident in its home-grown learning platform, Pathway Cloud LMS, it delivers all its set out to achieve. The company has shown impressive growth and undertakes deep analysis to understand and meet the needs of its clients. Impact is secured through its focus on 'building businesses' and partnership with providers of learning.


Mind Click

Mind Click has an impressive breadth of demonstrable evidence of its success from growth, process improvements, client-led product innovation and specific case studies, including tangible business results and net promoter scores. Mind Click embraces the latest technology trends including offline apps and gamified solutions to meet customer needs and to broaden customer base.

Mind Click is committed to giving its customers a voice allowing their needs to define its strategic plans. The company has shown incredible, sustained growth over the past three years from a completely organic growth strategy, attributable to a focus on customers and a relentless passion for driving the e-learning industry forward. 

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