London UK 2025

Dates and Venue

23 - 24 April 2025 | ExCeL London

17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

Digital Hub

Driving better L&D with AI: moving beyond content creation | 27 June 2024

Join Dr Philippa Hardman and Donald H Taylor as they explore the world of AI beyond content. Dr Hardman will share her insights from her work with hundreds of L&D practitioners, talking about how they use it in a wide range of activities.

Key topics include:

  • Why AI in L&D can’t stop at content

  • Using AI to design experiences tailored to behavioural change & performance

  • How AI enables new ways of working with SMEs

  • How AI could transform how we measure the impact of training

From the Boardroom to the Frontline: Utilising AI to Tackle Front-Line and Learning Leaders Challenges | 27 June 2024

This insightful session will explore the transformative power of a unified learning strategy that optimises both head office and frontline operations through the use of AI technology.

Key topics include:

  • How a single learning strategy can seamlessly address the distinct needs of both environments

  • How AI enables hyper-personalised learning experiences, drives a culture of upskilling and facilitates learning in the flow

  • How these innovative approaches create value across various metrics

  • Dive into what the Learning Technologies Awards could mean for you, as we share what past winners thought of their experience and tips to help you succeed...
  • Is your corporate training is becoming repetitive and boring? Find out how to revamp your online courses so your employees are engaged and excited to learn.
  • As another remarkable instalment of the Learning Technologies Conference & Exhibition comes to a close, it's time to relive the magic or see what you missed out on...

  • Discover how to integrate training into everyday work tasks to facilitate continuous learning, improve employee performance, and enhance productivity. Quality learning and development (L&D) programs f ...
  • The narrative of automation often conjures images of robots replacing office workers, or ChatGPT typing out reams of copy. But a revolution is brewing on factory floors, farms, and for field sales and ...
  • Building AI skills that are fit for the future

    Tuesday 18 June 2024 Annee Bayeux
    All business leaders are caught in a race to maximise the value and impact of AI within their organisations. Like any race, having the right equipment (in this case, skills) will make all the differen ...

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