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17-18 April 2024 | ExCeL London


17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

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Donald H Taylor’s Global Sentiment Survey showed AI as both the biggest opportunity and the most significant challenge facing L&D in 2024. Most L&D departments are experimenting with AI for content generation and ideation. But this alone is not transformative for the business. L&D must use AI as a strategic partner, able to deliver tangible performance improvement and accelerate upskilling and reskilling.

Join Saffron’s Noorie and Molly as they explore:

• The current use of AI in business operations

• How L&D can use AI to tackle critical workplace challenges and accelerate upskilling and reskilling

• Using data insights to measure success, impact and drive results

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  • In this webinar, Nigel Paine talks about why and how L&D can rethink its current models of learning, and build an environment that works for everyone.
  • Discover everything that was covered in Week 1 of the unique follow-up to Europe's leading workplace learning event and get ready for Week 2!
  • In this webinar, Preply discuss the potential of combining AI and Human Intelligence in the development of impactful learning experiences.

Rob Hubbard, Jay Peaurt & Tom Hickmore - Video for Learning

Join our experts to find out how to utilise both animation and video drama for learning, as they talk you through their craft and budgeting advice.

Julie Drybrough, Sue Ritchie & Martin Peart - AI & Personalisation

Discover the real-world applications of AI, with a particular focus on using algorithms in the selection of content.

Bob Mosher & Niall Gavin - Learning and Performance

Find out how you can really focus on performance while learning in the flow of work, to ensure maximum success.

  • Implementing AI-Driven Learning in Your Organisation

    Wednesday 17 January 2024 Candace Stephens
    Discover how AI-based learning programs can unlock the full potential of your workforce.
  • I Do, and I Understand - How Does XR Empower Experiential Learning?

    Tuesday 16 January 2024 Frank Furnari & Demond Cureton
    Why does experiential learning and XR go hand in hand? Let's take a closer look.
  • Is your head still spinning from all the changes that happened in 2023? From AI and the skills shortage to economic uncertainty, a lot unfolded over the past year. While we’re all still grappling with ...

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