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17-18 April 2024 | ExCeL London


17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London

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Donald H Taylor’s Global Sentiment Survey showed AI as both the biggest opportunity and the most significant challenge facing L&D in 2024. Most L&D departments are experimenting with AI for content generation and ideation. But this alone is not transformative for the business. L&D must use AI as a strategic partner, able to deliver tangible performance improvement and accelerate upskilling and reskilling.

Join Saffron’s Noorie and Molly as they explore:

• The current use of AI in business operations

• How L&D can use AI to tackle critical workplace challenges and accelerate upskilling and reskilling

• Using data insights to measure success, impact and drive results

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  • UK's national weather service and Cornerstone explore what data means in L&D and how to use Totara Engage for a big workforce.
  • Discover Docebo's and Area9 Lyceum's engaging webinars, discussing (and debating!) what 2023 will bring to the L&D industry.
  • Explore the secrets behind a successful L&D culture and a live demo of an AI coach, brought to you by our webinar series.

Rob Hubbard, Jay Peaurt & Tom Hickmore - Video for Learning

Join our experts to find out how to utilise both animation and video drama for learning, as they talk you through their craft and budgeting advice.

Julie Drybrough, Sue Ritchie & Martin Peart - AI & Personalisation

Discover the real-world applications of AI, with a particular focus on using algorithms in the selection of content.

Bob Mosher & Niall Gavin - Learning and Performance

Find out how you can really focus on performance while learning in the flow of work, to ensure maximum success.

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