London UK 2025

Dates and Venue

23 - 24 April 2025 | ExCeL London

17 - 18 April 2024 | ExCeL London


  • The benefits of training your extended enterprise

    Thursday 9 April 2020 Phily Hayes, Head of Business Development, LearnUpon
    Extended enterprise is the view that your organisation’s success is dependent on an entire network, not just your internal workforce. As well as the above, this network consists of your external group ...
  • Here's how to measure the value of training

    Wednesday 8 April 2020 Allison Lamotte, International Marketing & Community Manager, Articulate
    Most organisations create training to improve employee performance. Courses are supposed to deliver knowledge and skills that make workers better at their jobs. That’s why it’s so important to conside ...
  • Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 32

    Friday 7 February 2020 Learning Technologies
    Buyers guide: How to avoid buyer's remorse If you're looking to shake up your learning programme in 2020 with a new LMS, Totara's free guide is full of practical tips to help you improve your procurem ...
  • Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 31

    Friday 7 February 2020 Learning Technologies
    Research: How does your experience of digital learning compare? Which technologies are really working in L&D and which are just hype or wishful thinking? Fosway Group and Learning Technologies are inv ...
  • Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 30

    Friday 7 February 2020 Learning Technologies
    The seminars cover an extensive range of subjects and covering every important aspect of organisational learning and learning technology. Over 8,500 visitors are expected to attend. To make the most o ...
  • Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 29

    Friday 7 February 2020 Helen Casssidy
    People learn from experience, from mistakes and from peers. "If you employ humans, learning happens in your workplace every day." B Andreatta: 6 Steps. Why was it that of all the challenges faced by l ...
  • Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 28

    Friday 7 February 2020 Laurent Balague
    The font size denotes the frequency of the word and the colour yellow denotes terms directly related to people, HR and learning. The acceleration of technology has placed digital transformation at the ...
  • Inside Learning Technologies e-magazine Page 27

    Friday 7 February 2020 Brian Carlson
    A priority for executives and employees alike According to LinkedIn’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report 94% of respondents expressed that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in learning op ...
  • Inside Learning Technologies e-Magazine Page 26

    Friday 7 February 2020 Lacy Thompson
    The future of corporate learning lends itself toward a 360-degree view of certification. 360-degree certification is holistic in nature. Begin by identifying a threshold that learners must meet before ...

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